Sunday, August 9, 2015

Writing Update

I have to tell you all, I have a hard time writing blogs. And I know I am not the only one. I'm not alone in the "what in the world am I going to write about now....pull my hair out trying to think of anything other than what I always write about" pool. It's especially hard when I have been in a writer's block funk for the last six or so weeks. The plan was after I was done with classes in May and while I waited on an acceptance or denial for the nursing program, I would hammer out the next book. Let's just say I really need to stop planning. I wrote a little, but not nearly what I wanted. From now on, if the time is available and my mind isn't jumbled full of worries, then I will write.

In the meantime, yes I did get accepted into the nursing program! Yay! I am excited about it and of course a little afraid of the unknown. I don't begin those classes until near the end of October. But, I am also going to take a Spanish class and that begins in a couple of weeks. I am more freaked out about the Spanish class than the nursing ones. Go figure.

At least I did manage a couple of paragraphs here today. Maybe that will ease me back into the blogging world. Anything new going on with you?

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Deadly Curses On Sale and a Kindle Fire Giveaway!!

I'm super excited that Deadly Curses is on sale this week beginning today and going through June 30th for 99 pennies! That's right. Just 99 cents. This is such a great way to begin the Magnolia Valley series and read Trent and Ciarra's story. I adore this couple and I believe you will too. You just can't help but to cheer them on. They are equally stubborn and fight against their growing love for one another while trying to save Trent from a vengeful mother's curse.

While Deadly Curses is on sale, I've decided to do a little giveaway for a Kindle Fire HD 6. I love this one. It isn't big and bulky at all. Will fit right inside your purse! So the rafflecopter is open until July 1st at midnight. Please copy and paste the link to this blog post and share with everyone. The more the merrier!! And I hope you decide to read Deadly Curses and fall in love.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


The purpose of IWSG is to go forth encouraging and supporting each other in our writing journeys. We post the first Wednesday of each month. Whether you would like to support or you have your own insecurities in this large writing world, we would love to have you come on board. Please go here and sign up.

I'm back and this month I just want to encourage and support. So how about something relaxing to take your minds off your worries?

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Been away.....Catching up

My life has been a hectic one these last couple of months. Since my blog tour for Deadly Curses, I had to put my complete focus on finishing up my final classes at the college so I could graduate. And that I did:

I have the summer off ... from classes that is. I am still working at the shop, but now I have time to write!!! See, I have applied for the nursing program and am waiting (rather impatiently) for a response. This is week two, and I have another three weeks minimum to go. So, I have set myself a goal, although it is quite an unreasonable one. I am working on Deadly Intent, book two of the Magnolia Valley series and a new paranormal suspense, All Hallows Eve. Both first chapters are now written. But I would like to get the bare skeleton of both finished before I receive the letter indicating whether or not I will be accepted into the nursing program. I know, how the heck am I going to pull this one off? Especially with that tiny, annoying editor voice in my head screaming at me to fix, fix, fix. 

Well, first I am ignoring the voice. Second, I am alternating the stories when I work on them. Meaning I will work on Deadly Intent one day, and then the next it is All Hallows Eve and so forth. My goal is to write two scenes a day. I just simply broke that up into one scene in the morning and one at night. Have I stayed on goal? Well, not exactly. But I am chugging along. The purpose to have the bare skeleton of the stories done before the letter is if the letter is a welcoming one, then that will give me roughly six to nine weeks to flesh out and edit before classes begin. Then I will do another round of edits before sending both out into the world of publishing. I will be so busy with classes, I won't be occupied wondering where the rejection letters are! So, here's to me on setting impossible goals once again, but I am going to turn that negative into positive and try to stay focused.

In the meantime, The Romance Reviews is having their annual summer splash party all month long beginning tomorrow!! Lots of prizes to be had and a ton of great books! Deadly Curses will be featured in the games on June 17th so be on the look out!! I will be giving away a free e-copy that day. And it will also be featured the 26th-30th. If you haven't grabbed yourself a copy, go to Amazon here.

Over 350 authors participating!!!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Deadly Curses Blog Tour Begins!! Here is the schedule......

The blog tour has begun!! The schedule is below. Please visit me and Deadly Curses on tour. There is a rafflecopter giveaway so be sure to enter!!!

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Friday, March 20, 2015

Writing a Series....

I love to challenge myself when it comes to writing. I enjoy writing a novel (50k words plus), but I challenged myself by writing a novella. Much shorter, so I didn't have a lot of wiggle room. I absolutely enjoyed that! Next, I figured a short story in an anthology. Brutal and much harder. Yet again, I enjoyed the experience and it also gave me material to further write Antoine and Vivian's story.

So, how could I challenge myself once again? No safe writing for me. I went ahead and began a six book paranormal romantic suspense series (Magnolia Valley Series). Not only is it a challenge to write each individual story, but I need to have the overall series arc figured out as well. Not to mention keeping my characters straight ... and my town and surroundings. Seriously, I bought big poster boards, taped them together edge to edge and mapped out Acadia, roads, buildings, parks, cemeteries ... everything. If I don't have a map, I will never remember what the name of the restaurant my heroine's father owns and where it's located in relation to the police station. I would be completely lost.

What am I learning with writing a series? Well, first off, since book one is written, I can't go back and change anything in order to make books two through six work. I had set the stage and there are no do overs. It has released over on Amazon. Click here to grab your copy for $2.99 if you haven't done so already.

Two: I'm finding as I think of new and exciting stuff for my overall series arc, I have to incorporate them into book one. Not every single thing, but book one sets the stage. Very very important to keep that one in mind. That was no easy task. Not every single little detail as it would just give away the entire series. I need to keep some surprises of course.

Three: I have introduced every member of both the Moore and the Pacelli family in book one. Now I have to make sure if one likes the color blue in book one, then he/she had better still like the color blue in book four. I keep a detailed character sheet for every person.

And finally, in just one book, you have to make sure everything is tied up into a nice little bow ... all questions have been answered and/or settled. And there are quite a few for one book. I have to do that consistently over six books and ensure nothing is left hanging around at the end of book six.

I always like a challenge. After all, nothing can be gained without good hard work. I look forward to this long journey.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

It's Release Day!!!

Deadly Curses, my new paranormal romantic suspense and book one of my Magnolia Valley series has officially released today. This one is such a great story and it was so fun to write. I love learning about new things and I certainly did during this one.

Ciarra and Trent's story is just the beginning to Magnolia Valley's family, the Moores. The challenges that face them will be tough, and they will learn how family ties are tight knit when there are outside threats. All will come to a head when good faces off against evil in the end.

I am having a Facebook launch party today from 6pm-9pm EST (3pm-6pm PST) and you are all invited. Three hours of fun, partying, and prizes. The party is HERE!

If you haven't bought your copy yet, what are you waiting for? Buy here at Amazon. It's only $2.99.

Dr. Trent Moore’s life is complete-–a no-strings relationship, financial security, and great health-–until he is summoned to his father’s grave and discovers a grave robber stole one of his father’s bones ... a finger bone. From there, Trent’s seemingly perfect world spirals out of control. Strange occurrences happen, and the sexy lead detective informs him that a grief-stricken mother has placed a curse upon him. As his near-death experiences ramp up and he finds himself falling in love, he’s beginning to believe there may be some truth to it all. But will he run out of time before he can tell Ciarra he loves her? 

When Detective Ciarra Pacelli is assigned to a prominent judge’s suspicious death, she doesn’t know her little world is about to be turned upside down. She discovers other possible victims of a deadly Voodoo curse, one being the gorgeous and stubborn doctor. As she becomes wrapped up in protecting him at all costs, she finds she’s fighting against her developing feelings for him. Once she realizes she can’t, she gives her all in finding a cure against the curse that promises to take him away from her for good.