Monday, March 28, 2011

Back to Writing

There hasn't been much progress on my end of the world. I've been procrastinating for the last week with getting back on track. I guess being laid up from the gallbladder surgery made me lazy dazy!

Now, I'm beginning to find my bearings and my way back to the computer (well. truth be told, I found my way back to it a couple of weeks ago, lol.) What I mean is my writing. So, I've posted a yummy :) pic to get me motivated and to share some eye candy with y'all!

So that's the plan this week. How is everyone's writing going??


  1. Love the eyes! Yum is right on!!! Thanks Donna.

  2. Those eyes are so intense.I'd like to lick over those yummy muscles. YUM! I best get back to writing now.

  3. I know. It was like WOW! Save me ANY day :)

  4. Eye candy? Yum, I can taste the candy!!!