Sunday, October 28, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday, Blog Hops and Vacation Pics

It's Six Sentence Sunday! Here's how it works: Pick six sentences from you current WIP or published story and post them on your blog on Sunday. But, you have to sign up at Six Sentence Sunday first. Be sure to do this by the end of the day on Saturday and have your post active by Sunday 9a.m. And be sure to visit others on the list.

In Secrets of Jenkins Bridge, Katherine had just told Mitchell she had to talk to him. She knew he had Aly's paternity figured out. She goes on explaining how she went to find him when she found out she was pregnant, but found him with another girl. Then he disappeared and she couldn't find him after that. Aidan had offered marriage so Katherine and Aly would have a family and support.


"Let me get this straight. Because you were pissed off at me for whatever it was I may or may not have done, you decided to pawn Aly off as Aidan’s? Did he even know?”
            Her jaw dropped. The heat ran across her cheeks. How dare he?      

Stayed tuned next week to find out how Katherine handles this!

A couple of Blog Hops I'd like to mention with some prizes. These are fun:

Howloween Blog Hop: Stop over at Xandra James

4 chances to win a copy of The Blood Bar Chronicles Book 2: The Protectors by Xandra James, Raven McAllen, Sasha May, and Chellie Edwards during the Howloween Blog Hop. Be sure to enter :)

Wild Rose Press's Haunted Garden Blog Hop: Stop over at Calisa Rhose
Spooky Truth or Fiction-Calisa Rhose

And of course Night Owl Reviews for their Halloween Scavenger Hunt. Only a couple of days left so be sure to stop by and get going on that list!

And now vacation pics:

 The Ocean

 Josh buried :)

 The Island Bar and Grill---YUM!


 The Pirate's Cove Mini Golf

 Ripley's Believe It or Not Odditorium

Pirate's Cove

 And of course, flying back into Greenville

That's exactly what we needed. Now, it's back to work....


  1. Great photos! You did dig the boy out, didn't you? And the line about her being mad at 'what I may or may not have done' - oh yeah, us guys all know that feeling!

  2. Yes, I had to dig him out. He's our good one :)

  3. Great Six, Donna. And great photos...who is that adorable little boy? lol.


  4. Nice tension! Excellent snippet. :-) I loved the vacation pics, too. Children make some perfect subjects for a camera lens. Thanks for sharing :-)

  5. Very interesting, Donna. I enjoyed your six. Great beach shots. I miss the ocean.

  6. "The heat ran across her cheeks."
    Probably as quickly as she processed what he had said.
    Nice sic.

  7. I feel she might slap him. Great 6.

  8. Great six - makes me wonder how she'd going to answer. Love your pics too!

  9. Thank you all. Gayle: She's none too happy. That's for sure.

  10. Great pictures - glad you had fun. Those six sentences went so fast! Definitely tantalizing.

  11. Yay for pirate themes at the coast! I have no idea what Wonderworks is (no idea if I should even feel bad about that??), but I'm going to look it up, because it looks interesting.

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse

  12. Love the pics Donna. So much happening at the mo'!