Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sexy Snippets

It's Sunday. And what does that mean? Yes, it's time for Sexy Snippets! What's that you ask? Every Sunday, some of us girls post up 7 sentences (and at times quite steamy) either from one of our published works or from a WIP we're currently working on. To sign up or to check out other great snippets, click here. 

My seven is from All I Want For Christmas Is A Soul Mate (The Wishing Wreath).

 And in that moment, as if some magical wand had been waved over them, she simply knew she couldn't leave. Could it have been the wreath? She choked out, "Do you really love me?"

He sighed, "Of course. If you leave, I swear I'll give up my crown and chase you to the ends of the earth, begging and pleading until you'll finally have me."

Vivian couldn't believe her ears. "You would give up your kingdom?"

Stay tuned for next week......


  1. He what? This has me all intrigued. Fab snippet, Donna :-)

  2. I agree with Dee: he sounds like a keeper!

  3. So looking forward to reading more. Fab snippet