Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sexy Snippets Sunday

It's been awhile since I've participated in sexy snippets. But it's time to get back into the blogging scene and what a great way to begin!!

My sexy snippet is from my new paranormal romance, Deadly Curses, being released March 18th over on Amazon. You can secure a copy early here.

Trent has had a rough night being knocked down by what he believes to be the flu, but of course it is the Voodoo curse placed on him. He awakes to his sexy detective who has stayed the entire night by his side sleeping soundly and her head resting upon his bedside.

She slept soundly, her breaths slow and even. He couldn’t resist touching her silky hair. The tough detective was stunning. She had stayed by his side falling asleep near him holding his hand. Her light, floral perfume traveled to his nose. Sucking in a couple of savoring, deep breaths of her heavenly scent, he smiled despite the throbbing behind his eyes.

Oh yes, he loved her. 

Dr. Trent Moore’s life is complete-–a no-strings relationship, financial security, and great health-–until he is summoned to his father’s grave and discovers a grave robber stole one of his father’s bones ... a finger bone. From there, Trent’s seemingly perfect world spirals out of control. Strange occurrences happen, and the sexy lead detective informs him that a grief-stricken mother has placed a curse upon him. As his near-death experiences ramp up and he finds himself falling in love, he’s beginning to believe there may be some truth to it all. But will he run out of time before he can tell Ciarra he loves her? 

When Detective Ciarra Pacelli is assigned to a prominent judge’s suspicious death, she doesn’t know her little world is about to be turned upside down. She discovers other possible victims of a deadly Voodoo curse, one being the gorgeous and stubborn doctor. As she becomes wrapped up in protecting him at all costs, she finds she’s fighting against her developing feelings for him. Once she realizes she can’t, she gives her all in finding a cure against the curse that promises to take him away from her for good.

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  1. So great to have you join us again and with such a lovely snippet too :-)

  2. Thank you. Been away far too long!