Monday, November 15, 2010

I'm Thankful For The Heroic Firefighter

The firefighter. Dangerously hot with a smoking body. Add in the picture of him standing only in his helmet and boots. Whew! Did I say HOT?? Now, add in the hose, and….well….you get the drift. Fanning myself J

We writers at CBC would like to present our blog fest Heroes We Are Thankful For in time for Thanksgiving!

The hero I’m thankful for: the firefighter. He risks his life everyday, every single time the alarm goes off in the station or a call comes over the scanner, regardless of the time-day or night. He drops everything and races to save a building, a forest, and/or lives. A small part of him is afraid, but he pushes the fear down and moves forward with determination, regardless of his own life. He will put others ahead of himself. And he will have his fellow firefighter’s backs. They are a family and treat each other as such.

For example, Joaquin Phoenix plays firefighter Jack Morrison in Ladder 49. The movie does end badly (sorry for the spoil for those who haven’t seen it yet), which ripped my heart out, but Jack’s the epitome of your everyday firefighter who risks his life to save another. His fellow buddies work to rescue him, but Jack knows it’s hopeless. He doesn’t want any others to die, telling them to get out of the warehouse, and he accepts his fate. Talk about a powerful punch, and that’s only a movie.

There are the firefighters from the 9/11 tragedies, who went in to help anyone they could, and some didn’t make it back out. All of them, the ones who died and the ones who lived, are heroes I’m thankful for.

The local firefighters in your own backyard are as much heroes as any others, carrying the burden of risk at whatever cost, including death. HEROES!

And, let’s not leave out the fact-they’re HOT in their uniforms. A nice perk.

Who couldn’t fall in love with a man who takes risks, puts his life on the line everyday for everyone else? This type of man would move heaven and earth to keep you safe, would put you first (outside of his responsibilities with firefighting), and hell, the added bonus? Donning only the helmet and the boots for your own private showing! YUM!

Now, go on and check out my fellow CBC writers’ blogs as they talk about the heroes they are thankful for.


  1. I cried so hard during Ladder 49, Donna! You forgot one: Frequency. Okay, a little sci-fi, but Dennis Quaid is still a hot firefighter!

  2. Donna- did you steal my fireman piccy? Lol Those are great movies (love Frequency, Kristina), but there's another one- Backdraft. Kurt Russell- Yumm (sorry Goldie)! Did I mention dh's client is a fireman...w/fireman friends? My dd had a HOTTIE fireman friend. I spent some time at the firehouse that summer! What? Like I'd let her hang out around all those hot men alone? She was 12!

  3. Can't blame you there Lisa. Yup, I didn't mention those ones (I did think of them though) Guess I was worried about a long blog. Duh me!

    I agree with you. Dennis Quaid and Kurt Russell are both still HOT period!

  4. Oh, and yeah, isn't that fireman up in the corner super HOT?

  5. Donna I got distracted by the picture he's HAWT! I agree Dennis Quaid is still hot I loved those movies too.

  6. Great post Donna! Your visual makes me drool and want to set fire to something (small)!

  7. This one has to be my favorite! One of the many reasons I married my husband is because he is a volunteer firefighter. As he always says, we run into the burning building when everyone else is running out. They are crazy and hot!
    Great post.

  8. I love this post because firemen are actual, honest to goodness heroes! And the one pictured is dead smexxy!

  9. Yep, true heroes these guys are. And mighty fine looking too. We just got our official hot fireman calendars at work this week. ;-)

  10. I must say I really like my picture. Drooling. I need to find one of those calendars, lol.