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It's Finally Here!!!

It's Wednesday and that means only one thing: it's release day at Soul Mate Publishing!!! Woot!! And I'm so on cloud 9! And I'm sure my fellow SMP author B.J. Scott is just as excited. We're not only debuting our books, but also ourselves as published authors. I'm still stumbling over that one. It will take some getting used to.

Since I've already given my interview a couple of weeks back, it is B.J.'s turn in the hot seat. But before the interview, I want to remind everyone who posts a comment here up until Friday will be entered into a random drawing for a $10 gift certificate good @ Soul Mate Publishing. The winner will be announced at the top of this blog post on Saturday morning.

I want to personally thank my editor, Debby Gilbert, over at Soul Mate Publishing as this wouldn't even be possible without all of her dedication and hard work.She believed in me and this story when no one else would. Huge hugs.

Today, I'm over at Anna James' blog for an interview. Click here. And tomorrow I'll be over at Kristina Knight's blog for a quick one. Click here.

One last thing. Be sure to head over to SMP's Author Blog tomorrow where B.J. Scott will be blogging and holding a big contest to win a ton of great prizes.

Now, onward with the interview!!

B.J. Scott is in the house. I'm so glad you could make it and answer some questions for us. 

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
I was born and raised in the Niagara Region of Ontario. After spending 12 years as a Reg. Nurse and three years in Child and Youth work, I met my husband Steve, and we moved to a small village in Southwestern Ontario on the shore of Lake Erie. In addition to my current job in child care, I have a small home-based business. I have been making a variety of heat sublimated products, doing custom embroidery and other hand crafted items for the last 7 years. You can often find me at a dog show on the weekends from spring thru fall selling my products.  When not working or writing, I enjoy reading, camping and antiquing.

What is the most romantic thing your significant other or anyone has done for you?
 He is such a sweet man it is hard to pick one thing. We met later in life, so initially planned a very quiet wedding to be shared with our immediate family and friends. We arranged a small intimate ceremony on a Friday afternoon and booked a room at a quaint bed and breakfast for our wedding night. A party was planned for Sat night and on Monday it would be back to everyday life. The place we stayed turned out to be amazing. Instead of a regular room, he had arranged a suite with a fireplace, and Jacuzzi tub big enough for a group of people. We had a quiet dinner in a lovely, private dinning room. It had a fantastic view and there was a gourmet meal and a bottle of our favorite wine waiting for us when we arrived. After that, he told me we would be having a honeymoon in Hawaii. We got married in Oct so decided to wait until the weather got colder. We spent two glorious weeks, basking in the sun. We went on Valentines day. Romantic things don’t have to be that elaborate. I collect giraffes and he often just brings one home or picks one up when we are out antiquing. That means every bit as much to me as any large gift or gesture.

Do you ever write in your PJ’s?
All the time! I would live in pjs if socially acceptable. lol
I find my muse hits in the early morning and late at night so being in pjs is natural.

Cats or dogs?
I have four dogs: a golden retriever, Cailin…named after the heroine in my book ;), Jazz a yellow lab and Lilly and Willie, two Norbottenspets…I know odd name and one no one has heard of. They are the national dog of Sweden, quite rare and very sweet. They grow to be about 20 lbs and live to be 25 years old.  Lilly is a show puppy and I am planning to take her to some dog shows in the spring. She is only 16 weeks old right now. We also have a 4 year old tabby cat that I picked up on the side of the road one day. Kismet was about 6 weeks old when I found her. Someone had dropped her and the mom on the country road and left them there. Sadly mom was hit by a car and Kizzy was left alone. Both my husband and I are huge animal lovers.

White wine or red?
White… and sweet. I love a late harvest Riesling or Vidal.

Coffee or tea?
Green tea

Vanilla or chocolate ice cream?
Vanilla, but like to add either strawberry or chocolate sauce.

What are 4 things you never leave home without?
Pen, paper, my netbook, cash ;) My e-book reader is in a close tie for 4th.

Laptop or desktop for writing?
I do final read through on my PC, but write on my netbook.

Where and when do you prefer to do your writing?
Anywhere the muse hits. I do a lot of writing in my big comfy chair in the corner of the family room. There is nothing nicer than writing with the fireplace going, and some music in the background. I like to have things going on around me when I write so if I am not listening to music, the TV is on, dogs are playing, etc

An actor you have a crush on?
 I don’t see many movies so really don’t have a favorite to speak of. I like watching the older classic movies more so than the modern ones. My all time favorite actor was Jimmy Stewart. I loved his sweet gentle, understated nature. He was funny and yet he could play the serious rolls with finesse. Can’t say I had a crush since he was old enough to be my grandfather, but thought he was a great actor.

What is a movie or TV show that you watched recently and really enjoyed?
I don’t have a lot of time to watch movies or TV shows. When I am not working or completing orders for my small business, I am writing or reading. I do enjoy the talent related TV shows like So you think you can dance or X factor. Love to see new talent discovered and get a break. I enjoy both music and dance shows.

What made you decide to be an author?
I have loved to read and write from the time I was a child. A true Gemini, I was blessed with the gift of gab, the need and ability to tell a story. I have had so many experiences in my life and have such a love for books, it seemed my natural calling. About ten years ago, I started to write for fun and as a way to express my feeling, hopes and dreams. One day I showed my writing to a friend who encouraged me to pursue it further. It has not been without its ups and downs or its fair share of hard work and disappointment. Now that I have reached the next step in my writing career and publication a reality, the sky is the limit.

If using a pen name, how did you chose it and why?
When I decided to become a writer and to submit my work for publication, my husband and I discussed the name I should use. While there was nothing wrong with my name, we both felt something with a little more pizzazz was needed. It was not difficult for me to decide. Given my Scottish, English and Irish ancestry, something along that line made sense. I was named after my father’s mother… her maiden name Barbara Scott. She was a true heroine in her own right. Leaving her home and family in Kirkintillock at age 21 to come to Canada to start a new life. Ironically, my maternal grandmother, born in England, also had the maiden name Scott. She and I were very close, and I respected and admired her very much. My mother’s name is Joyce (my middle name) By choosing B.J Scott as my pen name, I honor my ethnic heritage and three woman who were very important in my life.

How did you choose the genre you write in?
I have always been drawn to history, especially anything Celtic, Native American or Civil War related. I also worked at a historical museum/village for 8 years, did some 1812 and Civil War reenacting and loved every minute of it. I enjoy antiques and anything with a past.

I also write contemporary, paranormal and romantic suspense.

Are you a panster or a plotter and why?
Both. Depends on the story. I like to have a basic idea or storyline in my head, but nothing is set in stone until the words are written. I have been known to change my entire story part way through and some,  I have writer as I went along.

Is there a particular author who may have influenced you?
As a child, I loved to hear a bedtime story, but in grade four when our class went to the library and I found my first copy of  C.S. Lewis The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, I was hooked from then on.

What is your all time favorite book?
 So many to choose from. It is difficult to pick just one. Historical romances, and ones based on actual historical events are among my favorites.

What is your favorite sentence or quote in your new release?
“Sometimes the only way to fight temptation is to surrender to it body and soul.”

How much trouble did your characters give you while writing your new release? Which one?
The characters were pretty clear in my mind from the start. Connor was no problem at all. Being the typical alpha hero, it was as if he leapt off the page and into my room every time I wrote. Cailin was clear in my mind, but my first drafts had her as too much of a victim and not spunky enough for a true heroine. After some excellent advice from an agent who read my first ten chapters, I went back and made some changes. She became a much stronger character, more resourceful and she was no longer a victim needing to be rescued. Keeping the secondary characters in check was harder than the main characters. They all have such strong personalities and could easily take over if I was not careful.

Where do you get your ideas from?
Like most authors, they come from a variety of places. They are often inspired by people I have known or heard about. Historical facts are important to me so often they are loosely based around a historical event. Highland Legacy, while a true romance has some very interesting, accurate historical facts that help to make the story feel more authentic.

How did you choose your title?
It just came to me and stuck. Started out to be what I thought was a working title. I figured it would change once I had more written and had a better feel for the story and characters, but never changed it. The story is loosely based on Scottish history and the legacy left by those who lived and fought during the struggle for independence, so thought it fitting.

How do you cure writer’s block?
Good question. It depends on the reason for it. If it is because I am swamped with other things, I try to put as much aside as I can and take a break. Sometime if I leave the story alone for a few days, or go over some other ideas, the muse starts to talk again.

Do you have any advice for an aspiring writer?
 Follow your heart and never give up if this is truly what you want. Learn as much as you can about the craft. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or advice. If you join a critique group, submit a manuscript to a publisher or enter a contest, take the comments (good and bad) and advice offered. Use it to make yourself a better writer.

What sacred advice have you been giving by another writer?
Never give up. You are only as good a writer as you think you are.

Where can your readers stalk you?
or email me at I would love to hear from readers.

Tell us about your new release: 

While it does have actual historical fact woven into the plot, it is a true historical romance in every sense of the word.

Dunkeld Scotland, 1306
Faced with an abhorrent betrothal, Cailin Macmillan flees her father’s castle and quickly learns that a woman traveling alone in Medieval Scotland is an easy target for ruthless English soldiers. When Highland patriot, Connor Fraser, comes to her aid, his steadfast dedication to king and country is challenged by an undeniable attraction and overwhelming desire to protect Cailin—even if he must marry her to do so.
Accused of murdering one of her assailants and determined to rely on her own initiative, Cailin dresses as a lad, intent on seeking refuge at the camp of Robert the Bruce. Can she elude the enemy from her past? A vindictive English lord with a personal grudge, bent on her capture and utter demise? Or will she fall prey to his carnal intent and be executed for a crime she did not commit?
Can Cailin breach the walls that guard her Highland warrior's heart, or will the twist of fate that brought them together, tear them apart forever?

Thank you so much for the interview B.J. It was great to have you here today.

And don't forget, you can purchase Highland Legacy here.

And now, a little bit about mine:

The Swan Cove Murders Blurb: 

As if the violent murder of Lena Dixon’s fiancé hadn’t been bad enough, now his brother, Nicholas Hunter, is court ordered to live with her for the next thirty days. And to top it off, the murderer’s ghost is asserting his innocence and refuses to leave until Lena and Nicholas prove it.

The skeptic in Nicholas believes Lena has lost her mind until he witnesses some unexplainable events and is forced to believe in her psychic abilities and his heart’s desire. 

As their sexual chemistry heats up, so do their guilt levels. Can they make their newfound relationship work, or will it be too late when the real killer comes calling for her?

Buy your copy of The Swan Cove Murders here.


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