Sunday, September 9, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

Welcome to another Six Sentence Sunday.

I haven't done it in a couple of weeks. Sorry.

I'm pulling these six from Boneknapper. Ciarra is at Moonstarz, her best friend's metaphysical store. And a gorgeous man just walked in. Her friend is attempting to get her to focus back on their conversation about the grave digging.

   There was no way this man could be single.
   "Earth to Ciarra. Back to the finger," Tiesha redirected.
   "Can't I drool for one second?" And then the all too familiar image of her dead husband, Jack, appeared in
   her mind, cooling all wicked thoughts toward Mr. Gorgeous. "Alright."

Hope y'all have a great rest to your weekend ;)


  1. Yeah, Mister Gorgeous looks more interesting than grave fingers, but I guess there are some sacrifices you have to make for your friends. ;)

  2. Interesting six, Donna. Mr. Georgeous, eh?

    1. Oh yeah. Mr. Gorgeous. The type you can't help but drool over.

  3. Nice set-up. Two friends, girl talk (of a very interesting sort, I must say, LOL), Mr. Gorgeous and then an unwanted memory. I'm intrigued! :)

  4. Great excerpt! I like this six sentence thing. May have to try that too. :)