Sunday, November 4, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

It's Six Sentence Sunday! Here's how it works: Pick six sentences from you current WIP or published story and post them on your blog on Sunday. But, you have to sign up at Six Sentence Sunday first. Be sure to do this by the end of the day on Saturday and have your post active by Sunday 9a.m. And be sure to visit others on the list.

Last week, Mitchell had just discovered he was a father. He was angry at not finding this out before leaving town fifteen years ago. To see last week's six, click here. This is Katherine's response to his question about pawning Aly off as Aidan's.

“You asshole. I wasn’t even going to have her after finding you. I didn’t want any cheating drunk raising our child.  Aidan changed my mind. He thought maybe it was your one chance to truly straighten up.”

“Not like you gave me the chance.”

Come back next week to see if they can patch things up.


  1. Ooh he sounds like your typical Bad Boy hero. I love Bad Boys!

  2. Ouch. A pain filled conversation and it's completely captured my attention. Intriguing 6.

  3. Hmm...the choices we make and the chances we take.
    Your six makes us think.
    Nice job!

  4. Excellent tension between them. You can really feel the pain sitting between them.

  5. I loved your six sentence, Donna. Excellent piece of writing here!

  6. You've drawn a fine ethical line for them to teeter on...nice Six!