Saturday, March 16, 2013

7 Sexy Snippets

I'm back from a rather long absence. All is good, and I'm ready to jump back in. What a way to kick it off with Sexy Snippets! What's that you ask? Every Sunday, some of us girls post up 7 sexy (and at times quite steamy) snippets either from one of our published works or from a WIP we're currently working on. To sign up or to check out other great snippets, click here.

I'm taking mine from my WIP, Boneknapper. Trent, my sexy doctor, is recovering in the hospital. Ciarra, my fiery detective, has spoken to his nurse and was told he's doing much better ordering his nurse around. Ciarra walks in and locks the door and tells him she's heard he's being a bad boy.

"Yup, I need punishment. What do you have for me?"

"I believe there's one test that hasn't been run, and it needs to be done immediately." She sat on the edge of his bed, slid her hand under the sheet, and grazed his abdomen just above his pelvic bone.

He groaned, "Just a little lower."

With her other hand, she placed it over his heart. "Let's see if the old ticker can keep up."

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  1. Ah, I do love a woman who is not afraid to take charge. Great snippet, Donna :-)

  2. LOL. I bet he'll love that test. :)