Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Regular Schedule

I'm back and hopefully it's to a normal schedule once again. I've been very busy with my edits for Boneknapper, completing my CNA (certified nurse assistant), and of course the ever running after a 17 month old constantly on the move. He has now learned how to climb on the sofa (Ugh) and has hit that stage where he wants me on the floor playing with him at all times lol. I forgot how fast time flies by when keeping him occupied. And when his bedtime comes, I'm just as exhausted as he is.

I'm working on creating my first newsletter set to send out April 1st. So, if you haven't signed up yet, look over on the right side of my blog and click on 'subscribe to my monthly newsletter'. Sign up is very simple. This first one will be short and sweet with some exciting news (at least to me it is. I'm sure it will be to you, too). And of course, feedback is more than welcome. You can even say, 'your newsletter stinks' or 'the background color is ugly' or whatever. I relish feedback.

Now, I know I've said 'Boneknapper is in the final edits before sending off to publisher', but see above. I printed the entire manuscript (yup all 231 pages) and scribbled all over nearly every page. This will be the last time I do it before sending it off though. I know it will never be perfect and am afraid I'll mess the whole thing up if I keep overanalyzing it. So, I just need to make all the changes, deletions, and add-ons in my computer. That may take another couple of weeks as J.J. continually pushes my buttons to see what he can get away with....

Off to visit everyone's blogs to see how much I've missed :)


  1. Congratulations! Don't over-think it. It will never be perfect anyway.
    Good to hear from you, Donna.

  2. I'm tired just thinking about your daily schedule.

    Alex is right. I've re-written my WIP too many times. This time it gets a good proofing and mistake fixing only.

  3. Welcome back! I'm glad to hear things are going well. Good luck with the edits. It's so hard not to overthink every word, isn't it? I do that all the time.

    Happy Thursday!

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  5. Hope you work and sets an entirely not you drop your 17 month old