Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sexy Snippets

It's Sunday. And what does that mean? Yes, it's time for Sexy Snippets! What's that you ask? Every Sunday, some of us girls post up 7 sentences (and at times quite steamy) either from one of our published works or from a WIP we're currently working on. To sign up or to check out other great snippets, click here. 

My 7 is coming from my WIP, working title Boneknapper, in which is turning into a paranormal book series.

Trent has been nearly plowed down  by a truck, nearly taking Ciarra with him. And Ciarra finally admits to herself that she loves him and can't lose him:

Grabbing her hair, he gently pulled her back and attacked her lips again, nipping at the bottom one and prodding her mouth open.
Ciarra’s head swam. She hated to admit it, but she had strong feelings for this man. And she had to have him completely. She wanted to go back to the farmhouse or somewhere. Anywhere so she could rip his clothes off and wrap her legs around him.
Trent pulled away panting. “Ciarra, we can’t do this.”


  1. Oh :( why can't they do it!!!!!!

  2. What happens next? Great snippet.

  3. Me thinks, he just needs to give in!! Great snippet.

  4. I agree with Doris. They both need to accept the inevitable. :)

  5. Cool snippet. I'm thinking Trent'll regret it if he doesn't let things go as they should. ;-)