Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Changes Abound

Yup, that's right. My life is going through some little changes and making it all challenging. I had already mentioned it all in the last blog post. So, here's some updating.

Apparently, the doctors can't come to a definitive due date as they keep changing it. Now, it's Dec. 28th. But, since that was with an ultrasound, maybe that will be the date. As you can see, I posted the pic of him/her. My son says it looks like a gummy bear. I'm inclined to agree.

I've put in my notice at the full time job. My last day is Friday. Hopefully, the motorcycle shop will turn around.

I did manage to write 1985 words this past weekend. Today I got in 684 words. I'm at Chapter Six and am getting into the story. I have to force myself not to do any editing until June. That's so hard for me. So, I plow forward full steam ahead and hopefully I can get this book finished in the next 6 days. That'll be an all weekend project and hopefully I can pull it off with Memorial Day and all.

In case I don't post again on Sunday, Happy Memorial Day everyone. I'm going to see Joe Nichols at Freedom Weekend Aloft in town this Saturday night :)

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