Monday, May 2, 2011

Day Two: May Bootcamp

I must say Day One was easier as it was Sunday, and I didn't have to work. I manage 1614 words. As for today, I worked, so the most I managed was 764 words. Whew. Hopefully I'll be better tomorrow.

Until then....


  1. 764 words is still pretty good!

  2. Hi,

    Nice to meet you, and can fully understand your desire to clear a 1000 + words per day: I'd go nuts if I didn't clock the ton.

    I'm one of the naughties who dropped out of A-Z, but I'm still doing the rounds in trying to view all (writer) blogs listed. My reason for drop-out was the factor of not enough time for writing, plus I had a WIP beckoning (characters screaming for attention), garden beckoning and it was basically wrong time of year! Winter would do me better for intense challenges of a writing nature. ;)


  3. Donna, we did it! Congratulations! I have an award for you!!

    PS--I love your header, it's so freeing!

  4. Thank you Sarah. Today's was even lower with only 490, but come this weekend, I may just blow it right out of the water.

    Francine-It's great to meet you too. I really didn't mean anyone was a bad egg for not participating or dropping out early. I understand obligations.

    Thank you Elizabeth!! Much appreciated. :)