Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Psychic Abilities

When I was researching psychic abilities for The Swan Cove Murders, I didn't realize how many different abilities there were. I know of the majority of them. I just didn't think of them all collectively. That's what I love about research-I learn something new every time.

Animal Telepathy-"pet psychic"
Aura Reading-the ability to see one's energy surrounding a person. This one I never knew about. Could make for an interesting new book!
Astral Projection-out of body experiences. Another good one for a book.

Automatic Writing-writing through the guidance of an outside intelligence or through the subconscious mind. This is my heroine's ability, but she calls it Spirit Writing.
Channeling-using oneself as a vessel for an outside intelligence.
Clairaudience-the ability of hearing what is inaudible. Like if you were in Paris and you could hear your sibling in New York cry out in pain. Another one that would make a great idea.
Clairvoyance-the ability to see visions of something hidden or far away.
Clairsentience-the insight of knowing a hidden or forgotten fact.
Dowsing-also called water witching, it uses rods or sticks and a pendulum to locate water or a missing object.

ESP-the awareness of information about events external to the psychic that are not gained through the senses and not deducible from previous experience.
Intuition-the power of attaining direct knowledge without interference or rational thought.
Levitation-ability to cause one's body to hover off the ground.
Precognition- the ability to know a general semblence of the future, sometimes with some detail.
psychometry-ability to pick up psychic vibrations on an object left by a person who had handled it.
Telekinesis-ability to move objects with one's mind.
Telepathy-ability to read one's mind.

Lots of ideas come to mind as I go over the list. I know intuition can be pretty in mother's intuition. I usually have a sinking feeling, almost like being sick to your stomach, whenever something is off with one of my children.

And I've heard of twins being in-tune with one another.

I've met a psychic once who blew my mind. She was doing palm readings at a fair. She told me things there was no possible way she could have known. Things about my ex husband, things involving my amazed me. So, I do believe there are people who have the sensitivity to certain abilities. I also know there are people out there taking advantage of other people.

Do you know anyone with any of these abilities? Had a good or bad experience? Know of any ability I didn't list? (I love to learn new things ;) )


  1. My mother was a bit of a psychic. She was born with an extra flap of skin over her face, and in the old days, that was supposedly a "sign" of psychic ability. At any rate, she was always interested in all things paranormal, so she dabbled. Had tarot cards and a crystal ball and the whole works. She and I had an eerie mental connection, but I don't know if that was actually paranormal, or if we were simply very much attuned to each other.

  2. That's interesting. My mom doesn't believe in any of it. If you even mention a ghost, she'll say that you're hearing or seeing things. Thanks for sharing Susan.

  3. My mother used to have premonitions of something bad happening. She didn't know what it would be, but she had an 'uncomfortable' feeling for a couple of days beforehand. Each time, something not nice DID happen, nothing very dramatic but unpleasant at the time.
    I remember this about 3 times, but there may have been other times she didn't tell me about.