Sunday, September 18, 2011

Curses and Negativity

In my WIP I'm currently working on, my poor hero has been cursed. I'm pretty much torturing the man so he can see a world outside his short-sighted life. He fights me tooth and nail, but darn it, he's going to grow!

Anyhoo, I figured I'd post about curses. Not that I know anything, but what my beliefs are on them. The way I figure it is the psyche works in strange ways. If I believe that my life is doomed and I'm superimposed with strings of bad luck, then that negative thinking alone is enough to make that true. (I know someone like this and the person truly has the worse luck I've ever seen).

But, if I believe my life is full of love and joy and I'm satisfied where I'm at in life, then I'll have a joyous life. And if not, I can make some changes in what's not making me happy.

And, of course, there is prayer, and I must say it's pretty powerful. Hope and faith can be the very strength one needs.

I believe if the back luck person I know would just start believing his/her life could turn around and actually attempted to set out to do that, then he/she might be surprised by the outcome.

To me, this is generalized. There are people out there who no matter what they do, nothing seems to work out for them. Why? I wish I knew. I'd love to help everyone have a happy and loved life. Since I can't, I'll just continue to work on my hero and maybe in time, my readers will at least enjoy the adventure I've created with this story when it's done.

Have you ever known/heard of anyone being cursed?


  1. My mc in my latest is cursed, so yeah...I guess I believe it happens. And yes, sometimes it seems some people have the worst string of luck. And I hate that. But I also know there's got to be some master plan from the Big Guy.

    Great post!

  2. I do not believe in curses. The only curse is possible that we can do by ourselves for a lack of self-esteem, which leads to founder in a sea of ​​negative thoughts.

  3. I agree with both of you. Lack of self-esteem will cause much negativity in other areas of one's life.

  4. Well I do believe in the power of prayers!

    Great post and comments above!

  5. I've known people who sure seemed like they were cursed. I think curses can come upon those who leave themselves open to them.

    Tossing It Out

  6. Yikes, thankfully, no! Although I agree, we can do ourselves the most damage. Forget about curses!

  7. Great post Twinkie. I haven't been here in a while (shameful and I'm sorry) I believe in prayer! But then I also believe in demons which is why I despise reading/watching/writing anything to do with them.
    Great post Donna and congrats on your huge sale news! WOOOO I take full credit. Okay- I accept that I only knew you 'when' and that's good enough for me. :) Love ya Twink! Can't wait to buy your books.

  8. That's what I love about being a writer - we can make our characters have a happy and loved life if we choose to - or a cursed and miserable life, which makes for a great story, but I wouldn't want to leave him/her that way.

  9. Nas- Me too.

    Arlee- I failed to mention Karma. I think that lines up here.

    Talli- I know. With our selves, who needs enemies, witches, and bad do-ers?

    Calisa- Hi my Twink! All is forgiven and you can take partial credit. You helped enormously:)

    Susan- I won't leave my poor doctor cursed. He will be cured only with a better outlook on life outside his little box.