Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy Wednesday!! Magical Powers

The week is halfway through. I wish it was Friday already, but I have no magical powers, lol. Some days I could really use those powers.

Like wiggle my nose like in 'Bewitched' and my house would be clean. My lawn would be mowed. My garbage would mysteriously disappear. My roses would become instantly weed-free and perfectly trimmed. My books suddenly rough drafted with only my thoughts. Okay that one would be a train wreck waiting to happen. The paper would look like a very bad puzzle put together horribly wrong.

But, then again, maybe it is a good thing I don't possess special powers. I'd have too much fun pranking people. Disappear and then suddenly reappear behind someone. Amongst other pranks.

What special powers do you wish you had?


  1. Something that involves never having to cook again would be nice :-)

  2. Hello Donna, Glad to meet you. I've been wishing that I could have a magic wand and be like Mrs. Weasley. She just gets all the things in the household going with a wave of her wand. Oh, and I'd love to have that clock that says where all her kids are. I'd LOVE that!
    Have a magical week!

  3. I'm with Mary, A magic wand would be nice.

  4. I would love to have the power to write a first draft that never needs any editing!

  5. Sarah- I couldn't agree more.

    Mary- Glad to meet you too. That clock would've been great a few years ago. I guess it would still serve a great purpose now too. At least I'd know they are all okay.

    E. Arroyo- Agreed. Thank you for visiting.

    Talli- Now there is the perfect idea.

  6. I'd like the magic wand to get my household tasks out of the way instantly, so I could spend all the time I want revising because that's what I love most about writing! Oh yes, and to lose weight instantly do. Without dieting!

  7. I wish I had the power to be always healthy and strong. I'm content with that.

  8. Karen- Yup the weight loss would be great too.

    Leovi- That is the ultimate one.