Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day!!

A day off?? Not here, lol. But, then again, I was lazy daisy yesterday. The rains coming in from tropical storm Lee has dampened any outdoors fun, so I will get some writing done.

I submitted Secrets of Jenkins Bridge this morning to Pink Petal Books (crossing my fingers they love it) and the wait begins. When I hit the send button, my stomach did flip flops!

Labor Day generally marks the end of 'summer fun' but here in the south, it's stays toasty warm for about another month (give or take) so we can at least enjoy the weekends swimming in the pool. I'm looking forward to autumn though as it's been so incredibly hot here. I'll enjoy morning coffee out on my front porch.

Are you looking forward to the Fall?


  1. Hi Donna, thanks for stopping by my BBQ so I could find your blog! I'm follower #35, yay! And yes I am looking forward to fall. This summer has been hectic and not at all restful, I'm ready for a break!

    Good luck with your submission!

  2. Donna - best of luck on your submission. I really liked your answers to the "Blog on Fire" award interview. Sean Connery is one of my favorites too!

  3. popping over from karen's bbq! hope im not too late... brought some JD and steak!

  4. Good luck with your submission!

    YES - love FALL!!! I mean, I love summer too, but once school starts and I know I can't visit the beach anymore, I long for crisp cool mornings.

  5. Fingers crossed for you, Donna! Hope the submission goes well.

    I adore this time of year, although we don't call it fall :) There's something about the crispness in the air, the smell of woodsmoke, the back-to-school feeling of new beginnings, that I really like.

    It would have been nice to have a summer this year, but as an Irish girl I'm getting used to these nine month winters. . .

  6. Thank you all for stopping by!!

    @KarenG-Yay!! I know the feeling. I could sure use a rest.

    @Sylvia-Thank you.

    @Jeremy-Woohoo on the JD and steaks!! Anytime.

    @Alison-I love the cool mornings too. It's so fresh and clean.

    @Ellen-Thank you. Holy canoli! Nine months? My hubby would die.