Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Insecure Writers Blog Post: Edits and Editors

 It's the beginning of the month which means it's time for The Insecure Writers Blog. I'm close to two days late, so for that I'm sorry. Been a lot going on in the family and outskirts. My life I can honestly say is never boring.

This month I'm blogging about edits and editors. As I'm working through my edits for Secrets of Jenkins Bridge, I have a couple of huge insecurities I'm facing.

The first one would be getting these edits done on time. At 186 pages, it is a rather daunting challenge to work through these. Between the full time job, having been sick and now my son is sick, my BIL in the hospital and that's not looking good at all, the edits become even more daunting. But, I am taking it one page at a time and trying not to sweat it.

The second insecurity is what if my editor hates my edits? What if I added more than I needed to? What if I changed something that she wanted me to change, but it wasn't exactly what she was thinking? All the 'what ifs' could be the death of me yet. And I know, it's my book. And no, she's not asking for anything unreasonable, like totally revamping the story (which is good because I've heard some horror stories). But, still I want her to be happy with the ending result as much as I will be. After all, she's investing a lot of time into me and my book. I think I'm just driving myself nuts.

I need to just breathe and attempt at relaxing a little.

Today as a little giveaway to make us insecure writers smile, I'll pick 5 random commenters to receive a The Swan Cove Murders bookmark!! Be sure to leave your email or access to where I can reach you, so I can get your snail mail.

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  1. The bookmark giveaway is running through tomorrow night. I will announce winners on Saturday.

  2. You have so much going on in your life right now, I think you're right just to take it one page at a time. The alternative would be rather daunting!

    All you can do is edit it to how you see the story going. The editor will let you know if they have a different vision - and never forget, she likes your work enough to want the edits :-)

  3. Late is still good!
    If they want more changes, you just make them, and it will all be good. Deep breath!

  4. I can understand your situation, all those little questions are a nuisance when you have little time and many family concerns as you describe. Try not to become obsessed with them and not give it more importance than they have.

  5. Oh, I so hear you - I hate that feeling of wondering 'what if?'. Sigh. I bet your editor will love what you've done!

  6. First breath and take the edits one step at a time. I hate that feeling too, and still get it as well. You can do this!

  7. I'm a day late, but y'all get a bookmark :)