Monday, April 16, 2012


Yeah, I know. Weird selection for N. But, I've just recently discovered something to do with curing my writer's block.

I keep staring at my laptop screen unable to write. Frozen. Ugh, I hate that more than anything. Right in the middle of a good romantic scene! I can't figure out why I'd go blank, but alas it happened. I tried all my usual tricks (going for a ride, cleaning the house, weeding my rose garden, running on the treadmill). Nothing worked.

So, I pulled out my handy dandy (can you tell I've been subject to Blue's Clues?) notebook. I shut down the laptop, turned off the television. Complete silence. And suddenly, I could write again. With a pen and paper, I was able to finish creating that scene and then some.

Maybe, it's because in order to go back through this, I'd have to read my own scribble or there's no squiggly green or red lines pointing out my obvious mistakes. The story just seems to flow from the pen to the paper much easier than the computer. I may just continue to finish the remainder of the book this way.

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  1. I often write by hand, especially as I write just slightly faster than I type. (Which still isn't breaking any world records.)

  2. interesting post

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  3. I need to try that more often...good tip!

  4. I like to write by hand; however, my hand replete with pen (oh, I hate pencils) cannot keep pace with my brain. I lose the thought sometimes. I rarely suffer from any form of writer's block, I suffer most of all from time management.

  5. That's funny, because when I really need to puzzle things out with plots and characters, I use a notebook too! There's something that feels so natural about it, and stepping away from the computer frees me up.

  6. I know what you mean - something about putting pen to paper feels like coming home to me. I prefer writing first-drafts longhand, then typing everything up becomes like a first review. I did attempt (though did not successfully finish) NaNoWriMo in 2008, and for that I didn't have any plans, outlines, nothin'. Just started typing. It was both terrifying and oddly freeing! :-)

    Some Dark Romantic

  7. Same with me. After finishing one rough draft in pen, I can't seem to draft on the computer any more. :-D