Wednesday, April 6, 2011


As in happy endings, of course!

I love happy endings. Especially after the gut wrenching roller coaster ride that's an absolute requirement in romance. I know it's a great book when I'm so into the story that I can feel the hero and heroine's pain. Harlequin books do this well.

Nicholas Sparks' books sometimes don't have the happy ever after. But, The Lucky One does. And it's such a great romantic read with lots of tender moments. The climax is heart wrenching but leads to a wonderful HEA. A must read!

Do you have a favorite happy ending?


  1. Yes, I'm a sap for a happy or uplifting ending. The world isn't fair, bad things happen, and so in my reading, I like to see justice prevail and for people to forgive and forget ...

  2. Me too, Catherine! I'm a sucker for my fantasy world of books.