Monday, April 25, 2011

U=Unconditional Love

As in unconditional love for your main characters-even the ones who think they can win an argument with me. Ha! Well, okay sometimes they make valid points, but still. I have a couple of cocky ones. You may think it's my heroes, but you'd be wrong. My girls are more aggressive on how the story should shape up. I still love them spunk and all.

My heroine for Boneknapper is a wild one. Wants to swear all the time. Big time cursing, but I got her calmed down on that one. She likes her knockdown drag out fights too. I'm the one who had to compromise on that one. No one's going to mess with her protective detail (my H), and she's finding out how much she loves him, despite his arrogance. No one's going to mess with this ferociously protective cop and her man! And, for all of her good intentions, I love her unconditionally (even though there are times I wish I could kick her in the arse!!)

Do you have an untamed character driving you nutty?

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