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Sexy Snippets

It's Sunday. And what does that mean? Yes, it's time for Sexy Snippets! What's that you ask? Every Sunday, some of us girls post up 7 sentences (and at times quite steamy) either from one of our published works or from a WIP we're currently working on. To sign up or to check out other great snippets, click here. 

My seven is from All I Want For Christmas Is A Soul Mate (The Wishing Wreath).

 And in that moment, as if some magical wand had been waved over them, she simply knew she couldn't leave. Could it have been the wreath? She choked out, "Do you really love me?"

He sighed, "Of course. If you leave, I swear I'll give up my crown and chase you to the ends of the earth, begging and pleading until you'll finally have me."

Vivian couldn't believe her ears. "You would give up your kingdom?"

Stay tuned for next week......

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Caridad Pinerio: Her new release, Born To Love and a Giveaway!!

I am pleased to have Paranormal Romantic Suspense author Caridad Pineiro here with her new release, Born To Love. And I have to say this one sounds like a winner to me. During her tour, she is giving away a $25 Amazon or Barnes & Noble gift card along with a Vampire Reborn T-Shirt. So be sure to enter after reading all about Born To Love.

Here are the buy links: 

Fated to survive…
FBI agent David Harris’s life nearly came to an end during a botched raid. Though he survived, his body and spirit were broken by the perilous underworld he believes his estranged partner, Diana Reyes, has embraced with her Vampire husband. Now, left to a life in a wheelchair, David is angry, distrustful, and withdrawn…
Meant to love…
Seeing her former lover, David, again rekindles feelings long forgotten for Maggie Gonzalez. But she’s been thrown into a terrifying future as a werewolf, threatening to destroy what they might have again.
Destined to die…
Diana Reyes has lived on the edge since her blood contamination by Vampire Ryder Latimer. Her unexpected pregnancy is putting a huge strain on her body, but she’ll do anything to help right the wrongs of the past and help her former partner find happiness…even if it’s in the arms of a werewolf.

Here is an excerpt:

The Big Day
Manhattan, New York
FBI Agent Diana Reyes had faced down serial killers, terrorists, and drug-crazed vampires, but nothing scared her as much as what she was about to do.

She was getting married.

To a vampire.

And she was pregnant.

She didn’t know which of the three worried her the most.

Each presented its own problems. Each was scarier than virtually anything she had ever encountered. All those other things could only kill her…and almost had at one time or another.

But these three could break her heart, and that was a much more enduring pain to live with.

Briefly, she considered turning away from the French doors leading onto the penthouse balcony where the wedding ceremony was about to take place. The balcony was as long as the city block and about a quarter as wide with plenty of room for the three dozen or so chairs filled with friends and family waiting for her to begin her walk to meet the love of her life.


She gave a heartfelt sigh and peered past the rows to search for her future husband.

He stood near the far wall of the balcony, lethally handsome. The black of his tuxedo emphasized his dark hair and eyes—fathomless eyes filled with both love and guilt. The fabric was perfectly fitted, accenting broad shoulders she’d leaned on more than once.

He was so many things to her. Lover. Friend. Soon her husband…and that thought filled her heart with emotion so strong, it nearly stole her breath.

Just behind Ryder stood an arch decorated with flowers in pale shades of blue, lavender, and white. They matched the heavy, fragrant bouquet in her hands and the bunches of flowers at the end of each makeshift row of chairs. At a far corner of the balcony, a chamber music quartet played softly.

Ryder had spared no expense to make this day special for her. Even now, a crew of caterers was at work in the kitchen, preparing an array of dishes for the reception right after their nuptials.

Diana placed a hand over her midsection as her stomach knotted at the thought of eating and threatened to revolt. In the month since discovering she was pregnant, her bouts of nausea had abated only slightly. She’d hoped they would hold off on such a special night so she wouldn’t embarrass herself.

“Cold feet?” her brother Sebastian asked at her hesitation, and reassuringly squeezed the arm she had tucked through his for her impending walk down the aisle.

“Maybe,” she forced out past the giant lump in her throat. She shot a cautious look at her brother and found him smiling indulgently.

“Even though I’ve had my doubts at times, Di, I know this is the right thing for you to do.”

“Maybe you should be the one walking down the aisle to get married,” she said. Then she chuckled and added, “You’re right. I’m just being stupid.”

Sebastian chucked her under the chin and grinned. “Never stupid, Sis. It’s just typical bridal nerves.”

Sure, because your average bride was pregnant with a vampire’s baby and about to marry him. Totally typical.

Before she could reply, he continued, “Besides, if I have to shave, get a haircut, and endure this monkey suit, the least you can do is go through with it.” He raised his hand to signal the string quartet that they were ready.
The head musician wound down the piece they were playing, and the lush and melodic strains of Pachelbel’s Canon swelled into the night air, inviting her to action. But it wasn’t until her gaze connected with Ryder’s across the distance that she boldly took the first step.

And finally admitted that, as scary as it all was, she wanted to be Ryder’s wife and have his baby.

About Cairdad:
 New York Times and USA Today bestselling paranormal and romantic suspense author Caridad Pineiro wrote her first novel in the fifth grade when her teacher assigned a project – to write a book for a class lending library. Bitten by the writing bug, Caridad continued with her passion for the written word through high school, college and law school. In 1999, Caridad’s first novel was released and over a decade later, Caridad is the author of almost forty published novels and novellas. When not writing, Caridad is an attorney, wife and mother to an aspiring writer and fashionista.

Where you can find Caridad:

And don't forget about her giveaway!
Enter below in the Rafflecopter:

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Sexy Snippet Sunday

It's Sunday. And what does that mean? Yes, it's time for Sexy Snippets! What's that you ask? Every Sunday, some of us girls post up 7 sentences (and at times quite steamy) either from one of our published works or from a WIP we're currently working on. To sign up or to check out other great snippets, click here.

This time I'm using my 7 from my Christmas short, The Wishing Wreath, a part of Soul Mate Publishing's Anthology All I Want For Christmas Is A Soul Mate.

     He tightened his hold on her, drawing her even closer.
His dazzling eyes bore through her soul. She shuddered as a chill climbed her spine, spreading across her bare shoulders. She wasn’t scared of him. Quite the opposite. A part of her wanted to forget his lie, and instead longed for him to whisk her to the barn, pin her down with his naked body, and let him have his way. If only he had been truthful from the beginning . . .
This year’s delightful collection of Christmas short stories features a multitude of romantic genres all with one common theme: during the holiday season, nothing’s better than spending it with the one you love.

Twenty talented Soul Mate authors have put together an anthology that’s sure to please any reader who enjoys their romance with a splash of Christmas cheer:
A time-traveling Highlander brings comfort and joy to a young woman grieving her lost family . . .
Best friends, both widowed, suddenly see each other through new eyes during a snowed-in Christmas Eve;
A royal prince and a commoner fall in love despite their differences and a handful of untruths, thanks to a wreath that grants wishes . . .
An alien race understands the simple reward of giving, when their human captive does not . . .
Young lovers planning a Christmas wedding find their promise to each other is put to the ultimate test . . .
A ghostly groom refuses to stay away from the woman he loves . . .
For two modern believers, a magical, mystical visit to Bethlehem on the night of the Christ Child’s birth is both a joy and a responsibility . . .
And many more heartwarming, romantic stories celebrating ‘The Season To Be Jolly.’ 

All I Want For Christmas Is A Soul Mate is available at Amazon $2.99

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Secrets of Jenkins Bridge on Sale!!

I hope everyone's Thanksgiving was as wonderful and belly stuffed as mine was. Despite our attempt at buying a smaller turkey this year, we still have leftovers. Which isn't a bad thing. It's just enough to make a great turkey soup out of it. The plus is we won't be eating Turkey nearly until Christmas. On the flip side, we have enough pie to get us through the weekend. Again, great because it's yummy but not good for me while I'm losing weight. I guess I will just have to work out twice as hard next week.

For Black Friday and really the entire weekend: if you haven't bought my romantic suspense, Secrets of Jenkins Bridge, now is a great time to snag it. Starting today and going through Sunday, it is only 99 cents. That is $4.00 OFF. 80% OFF retail price!!

If you haven't already signed up for my newsletter, please do. I have a lot going on this coming year that I'm excited about and will be filling my monthly newsletters with the news. If you are already subscribed, I know I haven't sent one out these last couple of months due to holidays and time constraints. Even though those won't go away anytime soon, I have made sure to set time aside to begin sending out my newsletters at the first of every month from now on. December will have glimpses of the year coming up along with a couple of polls I'm hoping you will participate in.

Also, I've added a new page here at Real World on Writing. It's titled Donna's Street Team and it's exactly what the title implies. I'm looking for anyone interested in joining my street team. All the information is on the page here.

And now that it's officially the Christmas season, here's a little excerpt from my Christmas short, The Wishing Wreath, which you can find in Soul Mate Publishing's Anthology All I Want For Christmas Is A Soul Mate on Amazon:

“Why so gloomy all of a sudden? Just a moment ago I saw you blush when our eyes met.” Antoine had suddenly moved to her side and his hand slid down her arm to take hers. Tingling shock waves tickled their way up her arm. Raising it to his lips, he gently kissed the back, while that devilish grin displayed tauntingly across his face.
Vivian curtsied following tradition when in royalties’ company. He didn’t seem to appreciate her action because he jerked her back up. Not hard enough for others to take notice, but she certainly did. Her breathing hitched.
He moved to her ear whispering, “Don’t begin treating me like royalty now, or I may have to bend you over my knee later and punish you . . . thoroughly.”
Yanking her arm free, she pointed a finger at him. “Number one, don’t tell me what to do. I don’t care if you are a Prince. Number two, you couldn’t handle my naughty side.” She curtsied again on shaky legs, and then moved a couple steps back. She hoped he wouldn’t call her bluff, as she’d never done anything naughty. Her heart slammed against her ribs, ready to explode.
The wicked sexiness remained. His eyes sparkled at the challenge. “Ms. Rose, it would be an honor if you would have this dance with me.” His deep, rich voice carried across much of the hall, causing ladies’ heads to turn in their direction. Mumbling began from a group of ladies glaring at her. One in particular shot imaginary daggers in Vivian’s direction. If looks could kill—
She’d like nothing better than to take this man, this delicious specimen . . .
Stop it already!
She stepped toward him and offered her hand. With a wide smile, she responded, “It would be my pleasure.”
The ladies’ envy-filled sneers caused Vivian a little happiness, never having been in the spotlight before. And the one with daggers in her eyes, a porcelain blonde, mouthed something while pointing at her.
Antoine took hold of her hand, pulling her close. He spun her around and lowered his voice. “You are quite the vixen. And you smell heavenly.”
So do you. “Keep sniffing, Prince Beliveau. Because this will be the last time you’ll be this close. Enjoy it while it lasts.”
Antoine eased back. “Don’t count on it, my sweetness.” He tightened his hold on her, drawing her even closer.
His dazzling eyes bore through her soul. She shuddered as a chill climbed her spine, spreading across her bare shoulders. She wasn’t scared of him. Quite the opposite. A part of her wanted to forget his lie, and instead longed for him to whisk her to the barn, pin her down with his naked body, and let him have his way. If only he had been truthful from the beginning . . .

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sexy Snippet Sunday

It's Sunday. And what does that mean? Yes, it's time for Sexy Snippets! What's that you ask? Every Sunday, some of us girls post up 7 sentences (and at times quite steamy) either from one of our published works or from a WIP we're currently working on. To sign up or to check out other great snippets, click here.

Mine is from my paranormal romance suspense, The Swan Cove Murders. My hunky hero, Nicholas, is with my sexy heroine, Lena, in the attic of his parents' home. It has been one year since his brother, also Lena's fiance, Earl, had died violently at the hands of a serial killer. Nicholas has come calling to go through Earl's trunk, like a visit to old memories. She has announced how much Earl had loved coming up to the attic and going through their things.

"He loved you so much."

Nicholas grabbed her wrist, holding her hand closer, catching a whiff of her sweet scent. He turned his head, placing a kiss in the middle of her palm and heard the heavy sigh escape her lips. He spotted the mixed emotions parage across her face. The scent of her strawberry lip gloss mixing with her lilac perfume made his head spin. He loved this woman, but Earl had professed his love for her first. Nicholas would have never battled his brother to win her heart.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Insecure Writers Support Group

The purpose of IWSG is to go forth encouraging and supporting each other in our writing journeys. We post the first Wednesday of each month. Whether you would like to support or you have your own insecurities in this large writing world, we would love to have you come on board. Please go here and sign up.

I haven't posted in a couple months due to crazy schedules, new grandbabies, work overload and squeezing in time for my writing. This month I truly don't have any insecurities.

Instead, how about some words of encouragement for all who are struggling this month?

"Whatever you do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius and power and magic in it."
- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.”
- Stephen King

Now go forth and write .........

Release Day: All I Want For Christmas Is A Soul Mate: Soul Mate Publishing's Anthology

As everyone begins to gear up for the upcoming holidays, Soul Mate Publishing is too. For the second year in a row, SMP is bringing you a wonderful, heart-warming collection of romantic Christmas stories from twenty of their authors, me included. Who doesn't like a little romance mixed with a sprinkle of Christmas magic to get them in the holiday mood? This anthology is jam packed!!

Here is the line up:

Julia Bade: Christmas Came With The Courier

When a handsome courier shows up at Christy's door to serve her with a lawsuit, he finds the woman of his happily-ever-after, but this single mom isn't ready or willing to give her heart away again . . .

Anna Bloom: Christmas Miracles

Jude gave up on Christmas last year when her husband walked out, but anything could happen this holiday season, thanks to a new man and a Christmas miracle . . .

Lynn Cahoon: Top Secret Santa

Two strangers, each starting a new life, realize that visiting Santa really is about Christmas magic . . .

Joy Connell: An Island Christmas

Even in paradise, the ghosts of Christmas past can spoil the view of decorated palm trees and warm coves . . .

Patricia W. Fischer: Weighting For Christmas

I’m glad I put a hot, naked guy on my Christmas wish list, but I didn’t think Santa would actually deliver one . . .

Larynn Ford: Christmas Blessings

Killed the night before their wedding, a ghostly groom finds a way to return from the dead to be with his true love . . .

C.T. Green: Meeting Mace

Encountering a scorching hot elf wasn’t at the top of this SERA agent’s Christmas list . . .

Elle Hill: Hunted Holidays

Hunter Jade's assignment to guard the new guy turns into a life-and-death food fight, sparking romance among the rutabagas . . .

Sarah Hoss: Forever In My Heart

Pledged to each other and eagerly awaiting a Christmas wedding, a young couple discovers Fate may have other plans . . .

Dawn Ireland: A Highlander For Christmas

Legend has it that if the need is great enough, and the hearts pure, the magic of Christmas will guide the way, crossing all barriers to help two lost souls become one. Such was the case on this Christmas Eve . . . 

Janis Lane: A Christmas Surprise

While celebrating the birth of the Christ Child, a man and a woman are given a second chance at love, but will they find the courage to take what is so freely offered?

Kristi Lea: The Christmas Affair

A lake-effect blizzard, a woman’s efforts to spice up her marriage and the husband who’s content with their current marital status quo makes for a Christmas Eve neither will ever forget . . .

Becky Lower: This Old House

Two old friends find they have more in common than a Christmas birthday as they reunite after twenty years apart . . .

LaNora Mangano: The Christmas Snow Ball

Christmas comes early for two unsuspecting high school crushes, reunited fifteen years after one horrible rumor kept them apart . . .

Tracy Hewitt Meyer: A Most Unexpected Gift

On a lonely and desperate Christmas Eve, Cami Monroe receives an unexpected gift that will change her holiday, and her future, forever . . .

Cynthia Racette: A Child Is Born

Two teens, assisting with a church Christmas pageant, discover the true meaning of the season through their own Christmas miracle . . .

J.R. Richardson: Lost In Christmas

Crystal Springfield is looking forward to the quiet solitude her cabin in the mountains offers for the Christmas holiday, until ‘Tall, Dark and Lost’ shows up at her door . . .

Donna Shields: The Wishing Wreath

A second chance at love is only a single Christmas Wish away . . .

Tina Susedik: A Year And A Day

A year after her husband's death, will a widow find love again?

Lesley Young: Sky's End: A Thell'eon Holiday Behest

An alien teaches his human captor a lesson in the real meaning of goodwill . . .

This anthology is exclusively on Amazon and is only $2.99. Now that's a GREAT deal. And it would make the perfect gift for your loving reader. Buy here. I promise you won't be disappointed.

Congratulations my fellow Soul Mateys!!!

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The Wolf Within Series by Amy Burgess

I have Amy Burgess visiting me today for her Wolf Within Series Tour. This is a great paranormal series. I've had the pleasure of reading all six books, and I gotta say it is this series that has hooked me on wolf shifter stories. Stanzie is a kick butt heroine who has her flaws and is just such a great, well rounded character.  Her wolf, along with herself, have evolved over the span of each book, and she just keeps getting better and better.

In the sixth book, Across The Line, Amy delves even more in depth with all the characters from the other five books. As with all of her books, this one is well written, there is an abundance of mystery (I kept trying to guess who did it and found I was completely wrong ... which of course makes for a strong suspense), and she weaves such a fascinating story. And as always, a huge plus to her world building. I was right there along with Stanzie and Murphy. This is an easy 5 star rating!

Amazon and Barnes & Noble
Publication Date: August 26, 2013

When Councilor Allerton sends Stanzie to investigate a territory dispute between tiny pack Stony Fell and the British branch of much larger Mac Tire, it seems routine until someone sets a bear trap. A young Stony Fell man pays with the loss of his leg and now it’s up to Stanzie and Murphy to figure out who set the trap–and why–before more members of the packs are maimed.
Add a pair of star-crossed lovers, one love triangle, a grief-stricken bond mate with jealousy issues, and bad blood all around and the resultant twisted hell brew reveals the darker side of inter-pack politics that could prove too difficult–and dangerous–for even Stanzie to untangle.

CONTENT WARNING: Vulgar language, some sexual situations


We didn’t get three feet through the apartment door before he had me on the floor, tearing at my clothes. I ripped at his too. He kicked the door shut with his foot while simultaneously tearing at my clothes.
I sank my teeth into his shoulder and he yanked my hair hard.
“Are we playing rough?” he asked me.
For an answer, I head butted him. “That’s for being a giant asshole.”
We rolled over and over, smashed into the coffee table and knocked the lamp in the corner over. The crash of the bulb shattering was loud as hell.
“We’re not rolling around in glass.” Murphy lifted me up and I locked my legs around his waist. He staggered us over to one of the sofas.
We crashed down and the springs gave a protesting wail.
I scratched his back with my nails and he bit my lip until we both tasted my blood. It smeared across our faces as we kissed and he shifted so I straddled him on my knees as he sat upright.
“I love you,” he said as he tongued my earlobe. He sucked on it, sending a shooting burst of pleasure through my body.
“I love you,” I told him. When he lifted his head, his eyes gleamed with tears he blinked away.
“Say it again,” he begged. “Tell me again.”
“I love you.” I cupped his face with my hands. Beneath my fingers, his cheeks were smooth and warm. When his wolf colored his eyes amber, my wolf reached for his through me.
He pulled me down so he could kiss me and our lovemaking turned slow and gentle. His touch was reverent and lingering, his kisses a drug that pulled me into him, so my heart beat in time with his.
He brushed his lips, feather light, across my bruised jaw and bleeding lip, whispered to me in Irish as we moved together in a slowly building rhythm.
A rush of energy, my soul to his, and I buried my face in his sticky warm throat. God, I loved this infuriating man.

And there's a giveaway so be sure to read all the way to the bottom of the post. There's a rafflecopter at the end.

Now without further ado, here is Amy Burgess:

We gather around the memorial stone. Around us, hummingbirds zip and dart. The zinging sound of their wings fills the air. The trees are leafy green and shake in a gentle mountain breeze. I listen as my human friend sends our wolf friend to rest – to play and run in the otherworld.

Behind us in the enclosures, the wolves and wolf dogs who live there, make their way to the fence line to watch with their dark, knowing eyes. 

Siggy, a gorgeous shaggy collie-wolf, points his muzzle to the incredible blue sky. His howl rips through the spring air – trembling, soaring, full of grief.  My eyes fill with tears. Other wolves and wolf-dogs raise their noses to the clouds and join him in his sad song. Tears spill down my cheeks and I am caught halfway between this world and another. Between human and wolf.  And I know what my shifters feel like. In that moment, I am one of them. Haunted.

I’ve been writing the Wolf Within series for almost three years now. Spanning six novels with a seventh due to be released next year, I’ve traced the journey of my protagonist, Stanzie Newcastle, and her wolf.

I met Stanzie’s wolf on November 1st, 2010 when I started a NaNoWriMo novel which would become Beneath the Skin.  Stanzie was dreaming she was her wolf and her wolf was looking desperately for Him and Her, her bond mates. Only they were not there anymore and never would be again. 

As I wrote the novel (and it was very much by the seat of my pants – I had no clue where my characters would take me from one scene to the next), I learned more and more about Stanzie’s wolf. She was different than the other shifters’ wolves. Childlike. Joyful. Stubborn. 

Stanzie’s former pack, Riverglow, sheltered her and her wolf, allowing her to remain unchanged and unfettered. But when Stanzie’s bond mates are killed and she is thrown out of her pack, she suspects her wolf will have to change. She’s right.

She bonds with Liam Murphy who is from a large pack in Ireland. He and his wolf work with Stanzie’s to ready her for introduction to a much larger pack with far more rules and expectations of its members.
Writing the shifting scenes for each novel is one of my favorite joys.  The evolution of Stanzie’s wolf has been a fascinating journey. 

My visit to W.O.L.F. in Colorado came about in part because I wanted to do some actual research into how real wolves behave so I could write realistic shifting scenes. While my characters are shifters and not true wolves, I still thought meeting wolves would be beneficial.  And, way cool. I love animals and an opportunity to meet and interact with real wolves was a bucket list item apart from my work on the Wolf Within series.
Meeting Siggy was one of the highlights of my two day visit. He’d recently lost his pack mate and his grief was visible in his face, his eyes, the way he held his body. His howling broke my heart.

The remainder of her tour stops:

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Amy Lee Burgess is a transplanted New Englander living in Houston, Texas with two dogs and lots of DVDs. In an attempt to bond with the city after being forced out of New Orleans post-Katrina, she turned to her writing. Determined to finally finish that novel she’d been hacking away at since high school, Amy managed to come up with a wolf shifter character named Stanzie Newcastle. She and Stanzie have been BFFs ever since.
In addition to Stanzie, Amy has also forged a relationship with several vampires, a witch or two, and other assorted supernatural creatures she hopes will entertain her readers. But she will always have room for coffee and butterscotch squares with Stanzie.

Amy’s Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads
aRafflecopter giveaway


Beneath the Skin – Book #1Amazon and Barnes & Noble
If you could shift into a wolf, what would you discover about yourself?
Two years after the deaths of her bond mates, Constance Newcastle is ready to start over. The problem? The rest of the Great Pack, gathered in Paris to shift into wolves together, is not so sure she deserves the chance. Although the Great Council ruled the car crash an accident, even Constance blames herself. She was driving, after all.
Treated like a pariah by those she longs to rejoin, Constance reunites with an old lover. Everything looks promising until he mysteriously dies. Accused of his murder and desperate to clear her name, Constance joins forces with handsome, confident Liam Murphy, a former Alpha pack leader with a past as tragic and troubled as her own. Guided by the mysterious Councilor Jason Allerton, Constance and Liam discover they are not alone– throughout the Great Pack, people are dying. Can all the deaths be accidents, or is something more sinister going on?
CONTENT WARNING: Vulgar language, some sexual situations

Scratch the Surface – Book #2 {Excerpt}
Something’s rotten in the Riverglow pack.
Still learning more about each other as bond mates and adjusting to their new roles as Advisors to a Councilor, Constance Newcastle and Liam Murphy must deal with the ghosts of their past.
A quiet weekend in Boston is anything but that, when Constance comes face to face with the betrayal of those she considered the closest to her. Everyone has secrets, and wherever Constance goes, she has a knack for uncovering them. The only problem is that some secrets are deadly.
WARNING: Strong language, sexual situations, and a lot of graphic shoe description.

{Excerpt} Hidden in Plain Sight – Book #3
As Stanzie discovers her wolf, she learns being herself is more dangerous than ever.
Where is Bethany Dillon? The seventeen-year-old girl is missing from the Maplefair pack and Constance Newcastle–Stanzie–and Liam Murphy must find her. Fast. A serial killer still has not been caught. Bethany could have run away, or killed herself. But no one in her pack seems to know the truth. Or, they’re just not telling.
Constance’s knack for uncovering secrets leads her into peril, and to save Bethany, she must break every rule. She risks losing everything, including Liam…and her life.
CONTENT WARNING: Vulgar language, some sexual situations

Inside Out – Book #4 {Excerpt}
For Stanzie, being herself is more dangerous than ever.
There’s no place like home…or is there? When Stanzie is asked to investigate her birth pack- Mayflower–she isn’t prepared for what she finds. No one respects the Alphas and the newest adult member of the pack is being encouraged to leave. Why?
To make matters worse, the men are dangerously intent on mating and shifting with her. How far will the pack she thought she knew go to get what they want? Without her bond-mate, Liam, Stanzie must face this alone and, barely ahead of threat of violence, must solve the mysteries, and fast.
CONTENT WARNING: Vulgar language, some sexual situations

{Excerpt} About Face – Book #5
Being herself is more dangerous than ever.
Stanzie’s job as Advisor to the Great Council is discovering other people’s secrets. When those secrets are being kept by the ones she loves most, can she find the courage to expose them?
Under orders from a Councilor, Stanzie journeys to Dublin and the MacTire pack. Her mission: warn her estranged bond mate, Liam Murphy, to abandon his overzealous search for the man responsible for the death of his first bond mate. Not only is he endangering himself, but also disrupting the delicate balance between opposing factions in the conspiracy threatening to tear the Great Pack apart.
Liam needs Stanzie’s help to protect their Alpha, who has entangled himself in the conspiracy’s deadly web. But he also desperately needs her back. In a race against time, Stanzie and Liam discover enemies often wear the faces of friends.
CONTENT WARNING: Vulgar language, some sexual situations

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

BTS Book Blog Tour for The Swan Cove Murders and a Giveaway!!!

It's that time!! I'm so excited to be on a book blog tour with Book Trailer Showcase. This is going to be a blast! And of course, there are giveaways. One is for a PDF copy of The Swan Cove Murders and the other is a $15 gift card. The only way to win is to enter down below or you can always go to one of my blog stops. Some are reviews, one is an interview, and a couple are guest blog posts. Please be sure to visit these awesome blogs.
a Rafflecopter giveaway > > > >

As if the violent murder of Lena Dixon’s fiancé hadn’t been bad enough, now his brother, Nicholas Hunter, is court ordered to live with her for the next thirty days. And to top it off, the murderer’s ghost is asserting his innocence and refuses to leave until Lena and Nicholas prove it.

The skeptic in Nicholas believes Lena has lost her mind until he witnesses some unexplainable events and is forced to believe in her psychic abilities and his heart’s desire.

As their sexual chemistry heats up, so do their guilt levels. Can they make their newfound relationship work, or will it be too late when the real killer comes calling for her?

Here is the schedule:
1) October 29 - Book Devotee Reviews

2) October 31 - Love Bites And Silk

3) November 1 - 1 Book Lovers Opinion

4) November 3 - Why I Can't Stop Reading

5) November 4 - My World

6) November 6 - Guardian's Hangout

7) November 9 - Sapphyria's Book Reviews

8) November 10 - Regina May Ross's

9) November 11  - Danita Minnis