Sunday, May 31, 2015

Been away.....Catching up

My life has been a hectic one these last couple of months. Since my blog tour for Deadly Curses, I had to put my complete focus on finishing up my final classes at the college so I could graduate. And that I did:

I have the summer off ... from classes that is. I am still working at the shop, but now I have time to write!!! See, I have applied for the nursing program and am waiting (rather impatiently) for a response. This is week two, and I have another three weeks minimum to go. So, I have set myself a goal, although it is quite an unreasonable one. I am working on Deadly Intent, book two of the Magnolia Valley series and a new paranormal suspense, All Hallows Eve. Both first chapters are now written. But I would like to get the bare skeleton of both finished before I receive the letter indicating whether or not I will be accepted into the nursing program. I know, how the heck am I going to pull this one off? Especially with that tiny, annoying editor voice in my head screaming at me to fix, fix, fix. 

Well, first I am ignoring the voice. Second, I am alternating the stories when I work on them. Meaning I will work on Deadly Intent one day, and then the next it is All Hallows Eve and so forth. My goal is to write two scenes a day. I just simply broke that up into one scene in the morning and one at night. Have I stayed on goal? Well, not exactly. But I am chugging along. The purpose to have the bare skeleton of the stories done before the letter is if the letter is a welcoming one, then that will give me roughly six to nine weeks to flesh out and edit before classes begin. Then I will do another round of edits before sending both out into the world of publishing. I will be so busy with classes, I won't be occupied wondering where the rejection letters are! So, here's to me on setting impossible goals once again, but I am going to turn that negative into positive and try to stay focused.

In the meantime, The Romance Reviews is having their annual summer splash party all month long beginning tomorrow!! Lots of prizes to be had and a ton of great books! Deadly Curses will be featured in the games on June 17th so be on the look out!! I will be giving away a free e-copy that day. And it will also be featured the 26th-30th. If you haven't grabbed yourself a copy, go to Amazon here.

Over 350 authors participating!!!