Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I know! Been almost 3 months!

I am so slacking off. Well, not really slacking. So overwhelmed and finally it's starting to calm down some. My last day at the hotel was yesterday. That has freed my body and mind up some.

My husband and I are opening a motorcycle shop-Yay!! Bad side? not sure what is going to happen between us. Let's just say I have my own stupid soap opera drama going on- it's truly heartbreaking. But, I just have to move on, keep my chin up, and chug along. I have my writing, which I have been ignoring (so hard sometimes to write romance when your world is falling apart). But after working on it tonight, I realized it's my therapy and I really love writing.

My critique girls (Hey Twinkies!!) have been so amazingly understanding and have been in my corner cheering me on. They are truly wonderful.

But this is enough for tonight. I need to go to bed and reenergize. I will try not to be a stranger here from now on. Onward and upward!!