Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all! I feel the need to write about everything I am thankful for this year and since it's Thanksgiving, now is the perfect time.

First and foremost, I am thankful for my husband and my kids who put up with my insane obsession at times concerning my writing. Especially at times when I'm suppose to be paying attention to whatever cartoon or show they are watching and I have my laptop with me :) Or while cooking supper. Not to mention my papers lying all over the house. And, at times, all over my desk at the motorcycle shop. Without their support and complete understanding, I wouldn't be writing right now. For example, I asked my daughter to straighten my hair today. While she is doing this not-so-easy chore (I have thick hair), I am sitting here blogging this. I'm sure she's enjoying yanking my head all over the place. Yup, she has a smile on her face. You don't get too many chances to torture Mom. I'm also thankful to all my extended family and friends who put up with my whining when things become unbearable at times of great upheaval. I'm sorry we don't get to talk as often as we should (without the whining:) of course).

Secondly, I'm incredibly thankful for my critique partners. They have taught me a lot in the short time we've been together. They've helped with my confidence in myself and pushed me to become a better writer. They are very talented writers and I couldn't ask for any better. They are my cheerleaders and my friends. Thanks Twinkies :)

I am thankful to Melinda, in particular, for showing me the way to Savvy Authors. The members there are wonderful and encouraging. The wealth of information here has helped make me a better writer. The workshops are sensational and informative. I've begun modding some of the workshops and am meeting some incredible and talented authors along the way. Thank you Melinda.

I'm thankful to God for all things, even when I don't understand why whether it's good or bad. It's good enough for me to know that everything happens for a reason and it's leading to wherever I'm suppose to be going in this crazy world.

There are plenty more reasons I'm thankful. Just too many to list here.

So, tell me, what are you thankful for?

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Monday, November 15, 2010

I'm Thankful For The Heroic Firefighter

The firefighter. Dangerously hot with a smoking body. Add in the picture of him standing only in his helmet and boots. Whew! Did I say HOT?? Now, add in the hose, and….well….you get the drift. Fanning myself J

We writers at CBC would like to present our blog fest Heroes We Are Thankful For in time for Thanksgiving!

The hero I’m thankful for: the firefighter. He risks his life everyday, every single time the alarm goes off in the station or a call comes over the scanner, regardless of the time-day or night. He drops everything and races to save a building, a forest, and/or lives. A small part of him is afraid, but he pushes the fear down and moves forward with determination, regardless of his own life. He will put others ahead of himself. And he will have his fellow firefighter’s backs. They are a family and treat each other as such.

For example, Joaquin Phoenix plays firefighter Jack Morrison in Ladder 49. The movie does end badly (sorry for the spoil for those who haven’t seen it yet), which ripped my heart out, but Jack’s the epitome of your everyday firefighter who risks his life to save another. His fellow buddies work to rescue him, but Jack knows it’s hopeless. He doesn’t want any others to die, telling them to get out of the warehouse, and he accepts his fate. Talk about a powerful punch, and that’s only a movie.

There are the firefighters from the 9/11 tragedies, who went in to help anyone they could, and some didn’t make it back out. All of them, the ones who died and the ones who lived, are heroes I’m thankful for.

The local firefighters in your own backyard are as much heroes as any others, carrying the burden of risk at whatever cost, including death. HEROES!

And, let’s not leave out the fact-they’re HOT in their uniforms. A nice perk.

Who couldn’t fall in love with a man who takes risks, puts his life on the line everyday for everyone else? This type of man would move heaven and earth to keep you safe, would put you first (outside of his responsibilities with firefighting), and hell, the added bonus? Donning only the helmet and the boots for your own private showing! YUM!

Now, go on and check out my fellow CBC writers’ blogs as they talk about the heroes they are thankful for.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

It's done!

Yay me!! My manuscript is done! Now for the title, lol. And some major editing. Arg. Such is life.

A well deserved thank you to my fellow Twinkies over at CBC. Y'all have taught me so much and have helped me grow as a writer. Each one of you are truly the world's best critique partners a girl could ask for!

I'm just glad to finally be done with the first draft. (Actually, I felt like I've edited a few times, but learned through wise ones that it definitely needs an overhaul.) I'm figuring that maybe I could accomplish this by the end of NaNo (November). Maybe.

Then I can move on to the next one screaming out to me-even while I sleep. Crazy you say? Not for us writers. It seems our characters speak to us, wanting us to write their stories-some quietly, others rather loud. Some even kicking and screaming. I know, it does sound pretty nutty. Hell, I thought so too-until it happened to me. It's all good. And unless you're a writer, you'll never know.

Don't miss out on Monday's blog as my fellow Twinkies and I blog about The Heroes We are Thankful For. Yummy heroes!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

It's been quite awhile

Way too long in fact. I've been working and playing catch up.

I've been modding and taking some workshops over at Savvy Authors. Some great workshops and awesome people over there. I'm learning so much, and it's definitely helping to improve my writing.

My current WIP's first rough draft is almost done, thanks to NaNo. I've never tried it before, but it works for me. It's pushing me along, but it is hard not to go back and edit anything. As a matter of fact, it's driving me crazy, but that's how NaNo works.

Someone had given me an awesome idea on how to shut up my editing side (trust me, it needs to). I just need to buy some headphones. While working on my current WIP, I need to put on some music, "crank that sh*t up", and let my brain's right side take control. I'll let you all know how that goes.

After NaNo, I'm putting away my current WIP for a month and will begin my next one-Boneknapper. This one is going to be lots of fun to write with some black magic going on and one HOT stingy doctor who needs the love of one equally HOT female detective. They will have to travel to Jamaica to get to the bottom of the crimes and to reverse the doctor's curse that was placed upon him. Stay tuned....(Yup, I'm going on vacation in December to Jamaica! Yay!) It's been at least 5 years since the last time we went.

Next Monday, my fellow Twinkies and I will be blogging about Heroes We Are Thankful For, and I promise these are going to be some HOT heroes! Yum Yum!

As far as keeping up with my blog, I make no promises. Every time I do, something crazy happens. It's called LIFE, lol.

See y'all next week for our blogfest!!!