Sunday, May 18, 2014

I'm Back!!!

I know...I've been away for way too long. And I can make up all kinds of excuses...hectic No excuses. I should have been blogging all along. Even just once a week. I haven't made the time to read and respond to anyone's blogs. For that, I'm sorry. I will get back up to par.

So, what have I been doing? Well, I realized when I went looking to see when the last time I had blogged (January!), that there would be some ground to cover. But really, nothing much has changed. Okay, maybe a little. Where to start?

I have returned to school taking online classes. However, I will more than likely return to the local college here to get my RN degree. It's definitely a different experience taking the classes online versus the classroom. I think I'm more oriented for online classes. But, I very well can't do any science labs online, lol. So that's my immediate plan as far as my education goes.

A local lady writer and I have started a small writer's group in our community. And it's great to meet with other writers to talk and discuss our current projects or whatever workshops we are taking, etc. And for the camaraderie too. It also gives me a break from reality for a couple hours a month. So far, so good!

After months of waiting, I received my manuscript back for Deadly Curses from my editor for the first round of edits. Gotta say I see this horrible obsession I have with the dreaded ADVERBS. UGH!! I'm learning how to change around my sentences or change up the description real fast. I'm so ashamed of myself that I actually use that many -ly words. At any rate, Deadly Curses is set to release tentatively late Summer, early Fall.

Of course I can't wait to share it. Here's a little excerpt from Deadly Curses, the first book in my Magnolia Valley paranormal series:

“Doctor Moore, would you like for me to discharge the young man in Room three with the prescription of antibiotics?” the nurse asked.

Trent stopped at the doorway. “No, I want to change his chart orders now that we have his records and know the underlying root of the problem. I want him started on IV Therapy and admitted for observation. His cancer has created the weakened immune system that may open the doorway from having influenza to the possibility of developing pneumonia. I want to add a painkiller to the IV with his antibiotics to help him rest easier as well. Once I grab my cup of coffee, I will join you at the nurses’ station to add the change of my orders into the notes on his chart.”

Walking into the break room and over to the counter, Trent stopped, a cold chill washing over him. Visions of a black skull painted face slipped into his mind, chanting unheard words, and then vanished. A smell, like the incense from a funeral, assaulted his nose with the feelings of extreme grief ...  and quickly left.

What in the hell happened? Shaking his head to clear the vision that had been haunting his dreams for weeks, Trent added cream to his coffee, took the spoon lying on the counter nearby and stirred it. Where were these nightmares and visions coming from? Grabbing the steaming cup and taking a careful sip of his coffee, he focused his mindset once again on his patients and left the room.

*   *   *

That had been too close. A few more seconds, and he would have caught her.

But, he was drinking the coffee. The powder would open his auric field. That’s all she needed. Now, she could return home and begin once again. Everything was in place waiting for her. Dr. Trent Moore was the last one.

Kiyana left her hiding spot from behind the door and slipped out of the ER through a back door. For the fourth and final time she whispered, “Let the Finger Point the Way.”