Thursday, October 18, 2012

Taking On A New Genre and Promotional News

Happy Friday everyone. I'm excited it's Friday because this afternoon, I'm on my way to Florida for some much needed and well deserved R&R. This year has definitely been a rocky one for me, so a vacation is in need. I will take pics and post them for everyone when I return on Wednesday.

First, some promo news:. Here are some fantastic new books over at Soul Mate Publishing:

Guthrie, Oklahoma, 1903. Betrayed by his fiancée’s infidelity eight years ago, pharmacist Michael Henderson vowed he'd never risk his heart again. But he doesn't anticipate the tug of attraction he shares with his new employee.
Heidi Lester flees her home, determined to prove to her overprotective parents she can conquer her debilitating asthma, to make a life of her own. However, her unscrupulous fiancé has no intention of letting her go. He has his own plans for Heidi and her inheritance.
Will a scheme to ruin Michael's family force Heidi to marry her fiancé, or will assistance arrive from a surprising source to allow her to be with the man she truly loves?

Murder is afoot in the Wyoming territory, forcing Chris Davis to make a matrimonial match he never would have taken otherwise. Especially when his bride-to-be is still in love with the man he holds responsible for his parents’ death. Torn between his morals and loyalty to his family, Chris Davis’ heart betrays him at every turn. Nichole lied about her heritage. Could she also be lying about not being a part of his parents’ death? He should just leave her to his enemy and be done with her, or kill them both. If only it were that simple.
Nichole Michaels, known to the Cheyenne as White Deer, grew up hearing her mother spin tales of the visions of the man she would one day marry. Believing them to be nothing more than myth, imagine her surprise when she finds herself standing face to face with a vision come to life. She is torn between the past and a man whose love is certain, and a man whose love promised to be the strongest tie she has ever known, yet may never be able to claim. Chris needs her, but is that enough to make her deny her heritage for the rest of her life? Her heart aches to know the depth of the love claimed in her mother’s visions. Is she strong enough to withstand a rancher with a heart of stone to find it?

Bitter and wary of men after her husband leaves her for a younger woman, forty-year old ER nurse, Beth Sawyer has decided dating isn’t an option. That is until an arsonist’s fire brings Jackson Stantona strong, handsome, twenty-seven-year old firemanto her trauma unit. Despite loathing the title of “Cougar”, Beth finds her attraction to Jackson too strong to resist.
It seems simple at firsta fun fling with the added bonus of payback to her ex-husband. But the more Beth dates Jackson, the stronger her emotions grow. So, too, does the arsonist’s death toll. When suspicion for the fires lands on Jackson, Beth must determine if the man she’s falling for is out to set her body and heart on fire…or has her marked as his next victim.

In 2050 the city of Washington, D.C. is a very different place. Riddled with crime, the brave detectives fight criminals, terrorists, and a phenomenon that threatens to destroy the world–The Fog. All consuming and relentless it devours people and buildings, a natural anomaly with the destructive strength of multiple tornados.
Or is it? For Detectives Lainey Turner and Jack Callahan their relentless pursuit of a terrorist named Damian leads them into a mystery that will change their future forever. Brought together by hate but destined for love, these soul mates are forced into an impossible situation; to sacrifice their future to save the world from Damian and The Fog.

I'm considering moving slightly out of my comfort zone with my writing. I'm working on writing an erotic romantic suspense. Here's my dilemma-how well it will be received. It's a booming market no doubt. And I've already nearly crossed it with The Swan Cove Murders. However, this one will no doubt cross right into the fire. I've been bouncing around using a pen name, but really why should I? I would love some opinions. Honest ones. I know some of my readers/fellow bloggers don't read erotica. And that's fine. But, to have some feedback by the ones that do would be awesome. Oh, and I am thinking of publishing it on my own through Amazon.

So what are your thoughts?

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