Sunday, April 14, 2013

Playing catch up

Sorry that I haven't been keeping up with the A-Z challenge. In the last three days, my life has been a rushing blur. One of our daughters is due today. No, no baby yet. But we are certainly trying various natural things. She's been sent home twice now and to say the least she's frustrated. Baby Boy Shields has some serious stage fright I believe. She's been 3-4 mins apart and as soon as we get to the hospital, it stops....completely.

So, I need to catch up on J, K, and L I believe. And I'm going to do it all right here, and of course will involve crazy stop and go.

J= Just come already!! I want to meet your cute, wrinkly face.

K= Kelli, who is the Mommy to be (whenever he makes his grand entrance). It's just amazing to watch her (and our other daughter Jessica) to go through this, just simply amazed how nature takes hold. And neither scream, bite, or want to really maim their significant others, lol. She's carrying on like a great trooper.

L= Well, this one's pretty simple too. LOVE. Need I say more?

Now, I can't make any promises that I'll be back on track, but I'll certainly make the effort (unless we are in the delivery room...then all bets are off.) And when he's FINALLY here, I'll post pics!


  1. Hopefully you get your grandbaby today!

  2. I hope your Grandbaby comes soon! Best of wishes! :)

  3. Stopping by on the A to Z. Congratulations on the soon to arrive grandbaby. If ever there was an excuse to get behind, I would say this qualifies. Blessings!