Sunday, November 3, 2019

Back to writing: 4 years later.....

When I looked to see when my last blog post was, I was astonished it was well over four years ago. I can't believe I have neglected my page that long. But I definitely needed that time. I have been on a long journey both professional and personal.

A couple months after my last post in 2015, I entered the nursing program. Due to financial and personal reasons, I had to leave it after the first 7 weeks. I struggled to write. I honestly felt I was going nowhere fast with no clear path of where I wanted to go or who I wanted to be.

I finally put my foot down and decided I had to come first for once. So in 2016 I received my CNA license. In 2017 I reapplied and was accepted once again into the nursing program. During the two year program, I worked as a CNA/caregiver for a private home health company. Between all this and having a family has kept me going with no time to write. I had to put my all into the RN program in order to be successful. And that I was. My pinning ceremony was in July. I received my RN license in August.

In the writing world, I was given back my full rights to Secrets of Jenkins Bridge. I have decided to revamp it and am working on a new cover. Side note: Adobe Photoshop is a little tricky program! I am learning though....

I am writing the 2nd book in my paranormal series. I am not a panster so I have the book outlined of course. And also the 3rd book roughly....

So I think what I need to do is commit to writing a blog post at least once every weekend and keep it simple. I am sorry to my followers for being gone so incredibly long but I really did need that time. I will do better in the future.


  1. Good to hear from you! Congratulations on getting certified. I'm sure that took every ounce of energy and time you had.
    Good luck with the relaunch of your book.

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