Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I'm kinda shoving the last three together in one blog post (Insecure Writers' Group is tomorrow). These, in my opinion, can be the hardest of all to blog about. I was thinking of doing the weird rare word and definition.

So, let's give that a try. I found unusual animals - one for each letter.

Xenop: This is a tropical rainforest bird (I've never heard of it)

 Now, we get a little more weird :)

Yapok: an amphibious opossum of South Africa.

But, of course, this next one is my absolute favorite! I want one for myself (You know, the little girl who wants a pony thing?)

Zebrinny: a male horse crossed with a female zebra.
I had a blast doing the A-Z challenge. Next Monday is A-Z Challenge Reflections

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  1. That zebrinny is cute!

    Congrats on finishing the challenge. :)