Sunday, November 11, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

It's Six Sentence Sunday! Here's how it works: Pick six sentences from you current WIP or published story and post them on your blog on Sunday. But, you have to sign up at Six Sentence Sunday first. Be sure to do this by the end of the day on Saturday and have your post active by Sunday 9a.m. And be sure to visit others on the list.

Continuing from last week, Katherine couldn't believe Mitchell accused her of 'passing' Aly off as Aidan's child. Mitchell knows he fumbled, flying off at the mouth before thinking. But, she had, too.

"I haven't had a drop of alcohol in fifteen freakin' years...Fifteen!"  Running a hand across his head, he stopped and turned toward her. Her body shook, her fists balled up at her sides. He walked over and attempted to take her into his arms, but she wouldn't budge. "Look, I'm sorry."

Do you think she'll accept his apology? Stay tuned next week....


  1. Tension in these six is palpable. And I'm very intrigued by the cover. I have to go visit after I leave this comment. :-)

  2. I don't know if she'll accept his apology. You must post the rest next week, lol. Good six, Donna