Monday, April 23, 2012


One of my very best books. And I'm sure most other writers' as well. We can transform simple words into robust actions or description words to bring our scene to life.

For example, let's take mad.

I could mean as in someone is insane or foolish. Both of these are different from one another.
I could mean angry. But I could also use irate, furious, livid, fuming. Or how about beside oneself?
Or I could mean absurd, ridiculous, or ludicrous.

That's what I love about the thesaurus. There are so many different words to 'dress up' my writing.

Anyone have that favorite colorful word??

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  1. And when there is an overused word, the Thesaurus helps to add variety.

  2. Howdy, new friend! I am a wordaholic! I love words: how they sound, what they say, what they tell us, how they make pictures for us...
    I also really like hearing Kenny Chesney's "She think's my tractor's sexy" and Is he also the one who sings, "One Hot Mama?" I like that video, too. I am a dyed in the wool country music fan. :)
    Nice to meetcha. Best regards to you. Ruby aka Grammy

    1. Thank you for dropping in :) One Hot Mama is Trace Adkins, whom I love too.

  3. I keep my thesaurus beside me on my desk at all times. Sometimes I thumb through it just for the fun of it.