Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween and An Award To Pass Along

Happy Halloween everyone!!! As you all know from my last post (scroll down and see my new grandson!) I've been busy.

Last week, I was awarded an One Lovely Blog Award. An it certainly is a very pretty one. So there are rules I must follow in order to graciously accept this award:

 1) Thank the one who gave it to me: Thank you very much Murees Dupe. It's beautiful.

2) Pass this award along to 15 deserving bloggers:

Paula Martin-Romance Author for her great six sentence Sundays I enjoy so much

La Fotografia Abstracta-Abstract Photos the awesome and beautiful photos on here are simply amazing!

Empty White Pages for all the cool music she posts.

Coming Down The Mountain I love reading her advice and anything she posts.

The Waiting Is The Hardest Part simply because she deserves it :)

Author Karen Walker for her Monday Musings I enjoy.

Left Brained By Day, Right Brained-All The Time I love her Fun Fridays

Romance Book Paradise for her awesome interviews and great giveaways.

Spunk On A Stick for her weekend sillies

Book Dreaming a new blogger I found during Pay It Forward that I enjoy

The Misadventures In Candyland another one I enjoy and she deserves this one

Katie O'Sullivan I love reading about her dog and all things to do with them.

Mandi's Paranormal Romance Blog new author with Soul Mate Publishing I enjoy reading about

The World of Julie B for her food :) And of course her writing and crocheting.

The Tardis Scribbles for her hot and saucy posts!

There's my fifteen. Go visit them and enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

Coming November: The Swan Cove Murders Coming December: Secrets of Jenkins Bridge Both coming to Soul Mate Publishing


  1. Congratulations on the award, and I know most of those awesome bloggers.

  2. Aw, thanks! I've been on a semi-blogging hiatus but I do appreciate this:)

  3. Thanks for including me on your list, Donna! I feel honored to be in such great company!

  4. Thank you for the award Donna and for your kind comments.

  5. I know a lot of these people. I see some new ones too. And God Bless baby Joshua from your previous post!

  6. Thank you for my award Donna and congrats again on baby Joshua :-)

  7. Thanks so much for the award, Donna - and I'm so pleased you like my Six Sentence Sunday excerpts from 'His Leading Lady'!

  8. Donna, Thank you so very much for the award and especially for your kind and encouraging words about my blog. Now I'll go visit some of these others that are new to me!


  9. First of all congratulations for this handsome grandson. Secondly thank you very much for remembering me in granting this award. Greetings.

  10. Awww, thank you for the award! And congratulations to all other bloggers being awarded!

  11. You are all very much welcome :)

    Waves to Alex and Stephen. Thanks for the wishes for baby Joshua.

  12. Congratulations on your award, and thank you so much for think of me. Hope baby is well :-)

  13. Congratulations to all winners of the award!

  14. He's getting there. Yesterday at noon time he was drinking 3 ml and now is up to 9 ml. Which is a big jump for him.

  15. Thank you for including me in such a great list! I appreciate it!

  16. Congrats for the award and to the winners there are some great blogs that you mentioned.

  17. Just dropping by from Alex's blog hop. Congrats.