Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Insecure Writers Support Group

It’s Wednesday which means it’s time for the Insecure Writers Support Group. The group blog postings are for us writers to support one another in our individual journeys. And if you’re like me, there are some insecurities.

With two of my books coming out in November and December, my insecurity is no one will like my stories. Maybe they’ll think my heroes and/or heroines are fake or flat. Or my descriptions aren’t enough or there is too much description. Or that the middle sags. Or the endings aren’t satisfying enough. I could go on and on.

And the closer I get to launch times, the grayer my hair turns. I swear! Where’s the hair dye?? Lol. Seriously, I’m so very nervous.

What scares me even more? My family and friends reading my books. 1) They’ll hate my writing. 2) The two sex scenes in The Swan Cove Murders are a little graphic  My mom already said she wants a copy. She probably won’t read it. She’s not much of a reader. But, she’ll hold on to it forever. It would be a little awkward if she did read it, but not as bad as one of my sisters or nieces reading it. I’m sure after the first couple books, this will pass.

So, I guess the only thing I can do is hope for the best and believe in my ability and my writing.

Oh, and one more GREAT piece of news: Soul Mate Publishing sets to launch Next Wednesday, October 12th. Yay!! I'm excited! I will be having a launch party for them here on the same day. Please spread the news as everyone is invited to the party! I will post a blog hop this Sunday for everyone to sign up.

Hop along to others' blogs and lend a bit of support.


  1. It's probably fitting that I've just been to 'Life by Chocolate' where Robyn is talking about envy. You're in a position that so many other writers - me very much included - would love to be in. You're published! Enjoy it. And only read the good reviews.

    Re the sex scene - my mum read a very graphic one of mine in a short story published when I was 20! Now, that was embarrassing!

  2. First, congratulations on having your books launch, very exciting! And I know what you mean about family response, etc. My first 3 books are all very family oriented, and nothing to worry about, as long as my family doesn't mind me fictionalizing their dramas (and they don't!), but the one I'm working on now is grittier, darker, and more raw than anything I've done before. I'm not worried about my family response, but wondering if I'm going to alienate those readers who loved my previous books or will I attract new ones who didn't?

    Oh well, first I have to get it written!

    Great post, Donna!

  3. Congrats to you! How very exciting. I think it's a good reminder that the insecurities never seem to end. You've conquered many of the battles we all face, and it's still hard to focus on the positive. I hope the launch goes well.

  4. Well, hello there! :)

    Congrats to YOU on releasing your books!

    Um, I so know the feeing (only with one, though). It's scary. That first round of feedback is TOUGH! But keep your head up and let your "children" go, they'll make you proud.

    Too funny about your mom. Mine's not much of a reader either. How'd that happen?? ;D

  5. I believe that these insecurities are normal in the creative process. With my friends and family I have no problem because they do not attract my photography and a lot less. So that aspect does not bother me. The more uncertain is when I show myself I have to choose photos for posting on the blog.

  6. @KarenG: I think they'll love whatever you write.

    @Tricia and Barbara: Thank you for stopping by and for the encouragement.

    @Leovi: All of your photos are so beautiful. I'd have a hard time picking and choosing too.

  7. Congratulations Donna, two books being released is quite an accomplishment. What I have discovered from this IWSG blogfest is that we all have insecurities whether we are published or unpublished. I believe that some insecurity is normal and as long as it does not cripple us as writers then we can use it to our creative advantage. A little insecurity keeps us on our toes and gives us a healthy competitive edge.

    I am far from being published, but that has not stopped my mind from racing about what certain people will think when they finally read my work and at the top of that list is my family. your fear of your nieces and your mother's reaction to your work shows how sincere and genuine a person you are. I am sure that your family is quite proud of your accomplishments.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and offering such helpful advice and kind words. I am pleased to meet you. I will check back on the 12th to learn more about the launch party and blogfest


  8. @Melissa: Thank you for your encouraging words. I am pleased to meet you also.

  9. I hope your mum isn't as good at finding fault as mine can be! Good luck

  10. Mine is 84 and a bit old fashioned. Although she's pretty fresh herself. I guess I'm probably worrying for nothing.

  11. Congratulations! You will be published! So there is no need to stress about what others will think, though I will probably worry about my family reading my stuff too because they tend to be very critical. But you should be proud of your accomplishment and don't you dare let anyone tell you different. No matter what, keep your head high and remember you are talented. Enjoy this moment because you deserve it.

  12. That's so exciting! But I can imagine how nervous you must be. I have no words of wisdom - just good luck!

  13. Murees: Thank you so much for those encouraging words. Head is held high :)

    Tonja: A simple good luck means the world to me. Thank you.

  14. Congratulations, Donna! I'll be looking for your books in November and December. Very exciting!

    I would be so nervous about those things, too. But I'm sure it will be just fine. You put in all that hard work to get those books out there. That is an amazing accomplishment!

    Good luck to you when your release dates come around. I'll be sure to stop back!