Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Launch Day at Soul Mate Publishing!!!

It’s Wednesday, and that’s means it’s time for Soul Mate Publishing’s launch party! Woot!!

So, grab those party hats, a glass of champagne (or whatever your favorite drink is), crank up the music, and kick up those heels (or shoes – sorry men!) because it’s a celebration!!

Before we get too carried away, raises your glasses for a toast to Deborah Gilbert, for without your awesome vision and all your hard work, this wouldn’t even be possible.

And let’s not forget eight great books debuting today!

Love's Guardian by Dawn Ireland

Prince Charming, Inc. by Jamie Brazil

Blood and Kisses by Karin Shah

Trust of the Heart by Tracy Hewitt Meyer

That Carrington Magic by Karen E. Rigley

Legacy of Olympus by Teri Gilbert

Hunted by Elle Hill

The Bizarre Life of Sydney Sedrick by Mandi Casey

Over the coming days, I will be having these women as guests on my blog.


Thursday Oct 13th: Karen E. Rigley
Friday Oct 14th: Elle Hill
Saturday Oct. 15th: Teri Gilbert
Sunday Oct. 16th: Mandi Casey
Monday Oct. 17th: Jamie Brazil
Tuesday Oct. 18th: Tracy Hewitt Meyer
Wednesday Oct. 19th: Karin Shah
Thursday Oct. 20th: Dawn Ireland

You definitely need to come back and check out these great author interviews.

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Coming November: The Swan Cove Murders Coming December: Secrets of Jenkins Bridge Launch Party October 12th for Soul Mate Publishing. Check out this Sunday's coming blog to sign up!!


  1. Hi Donna, everything looks great.

    I'm lifting my glass to Deborah right now!


  2. Yay new books!

    Congratulations to all involved, and cheers :-)

  3. Happy Launch day everyone!

  4. I love to see new publishers emerge from the fracas!Good luck to you all!

  5. Congratulations on the launch and good luck to all the debut authors!

  6. Yay! Congrats to SoulMate and to you Donna for being a debut author with them.

    So exiting!!!


  7. I mean exCiting - but it could be exiting too, I guess hee hee!

  8. I'm on my phone today but plan on buying a bunch of SMP books! Congrats, fellow SMP Sisters!

    Char Chaffin

  9. CONGRATULATIONS to all the new authors of a new publisher! I'll be watching this site. Yay Donna. I can't wait for your two to release. I'd love to host you on my blog in November! Email me.

  10. @Cheryl: Thanks!!

    @Sarah: Thanks. Go buy some. I'm going to by the end of the week.

    @Xandra: Thanks for stopping by :)

    @Casey: Thanks!

    @Mary: Thanks for stopping in and commenting.

    @Jamie: Thanks!

    @Melinda: My twinkie :) Glad you stopped by and thanks.

    @Char: Hope you're loving up on that brand new grandbaby.

    @Calisa: My other twinkie!! I would love to be on your blog. Will do :)

    @Allison: Thanks for stopping by.

  11. Looks like some great party guests! brought pizza for lunch!

    Karin Shah
    BLOOD AND KISSES Available today!

  12. I hope I'm not too late to join the party. Congrats to Debby and the SMP authors. Today is a great day to celebrate this new chapter.

  13. Karin: Thanks for the pizza :)

    Angeline: It's never too late to join the party.

  14. Congrats to you, Donna, and all these brilliant authors! I can't wait to snuggle up with all these books. Yay!

  15. Donna, you are amazing, thanks for the blog hop and I can't wait to read your book! Happy Writing :)

  16. I choose the glass of champagne to toast all these debuts, and especially by the Publishing's Soul Mate.

  17. Lesleigh: Thank you :)

    Mandi: Hey, you're pretty amazing yourself. Can't wait to read yours too.

    Leovi: Thank you for stopping by and the kind words.