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Meet Carrie Crain and The Adventures of Austin Girl and The Legend of Diablo


It pleases me to have guest author, CARRIE CRAIN, author of wacky tween novel, THE ADVENTURES OF AUSTIN GIRL AND THE LEGEND OF DIABLO. She is going to give you a little background on the characters.
Austin Girl, a dispirited teenager, discovers a magic Samurai sword, leading her on a journey to Planet Disco to save her kidnapped Grandpa from the nefarious Diablo, and return to Earth before she becomes a permanent guest.

Character Bios

1.      Austin Girl – Thirteen-year-old going on fourteen who lives in Checkered Past, Texas (a fictitious one-horse town) with no Sonic. She is curious, stubborn, and precocious. Austin Girl is enamored with the history and legend behind antiques. Also, she has vertigo and despises disco and the ‘70s. She uses the words: golly gosh, goodness, freakizoid, or yucky.
2.      Diablo – A self-centered dork. He’s believed to be around six-thousand-years-old but looks to be eighteen. He has a quick temper and worships his Chevy Pie Wagon.
3.      Grandpa LuckyLucky has an eye for the rare and hard to find. He could sniff out valuable antiques just by employing his sixth sense.
4.      SkinnyIs a descendant of the Samurai elite family called Pang Chow. He works part-time in the summer and weekends at the Slice and Dice sushi restaurant. He’s a hipster who wears scarves and TOMS.
5.      Madame Ursa – aka Tabby. She’s Diablo’s klutzy First Lieutenant and hates being alone. She wears pink hair and purple thigh-high boots. Also, she’s allergic to cats.
6.      Harold – He’s from Planet Halo. He wears a Northface vest and carries a backpack. Harold is smitten with Austin Girl.
7.      Jewel – She has sandstorm hair and wears a bright yellow rain slicker and lots and lots of bracelets. She’s a little bit Texas and little bit Cajun who drags the syllables of her words. Jewel and Austin Girl are close friends who are in the same grade at Checkered Past High School. She complains often chews bubble gum to overcome her nervousness.
8.      Alley the Cat – An insanely fat cat. She’s fluffy and white and protects Austin Girl from bullies. I originally named her Allergy (get it?) but my husband thought “Allergy” was too goofy and made me change it.
9.      Star the Starfish – She is the size of a Volkswagen Bug. She wears braces and has five violet eyes with thick purple lashes. She’s from Planet Halo and is Harold’s warm-hearted side-kick.
10. The Geisha – She owns the Slice and Dice and is Asian. Extremely helpful and wise.
11. Mrs. Mary Lou Wisdom – Old fossil who owns a western boot store in Checkered Past. She crushes on Grandpa Lucky and is a nosey busy body.
12. Disco Cat Pink – Pink is actually blonde. Originally from Panama, she had once worked on a banana boat during the Korean War…that was until her fatal accident with a banana and a hungry monkey. Pink got her name because she lost both pinkies with the psycho banana boat monkey. Diablo crushes on Pink. Pink loathes Diablo and cannot be trusted.
13. Disco Cat Napoleon – She is a Caribbean Lilliputian who swallows her R’s and eliminates certain vowels when she speaks. She tried too hard to please everyone.
14. Disco Cat Siamese – She speaks in a fake British accent. Siamese isn’t really British. She is Vietnamese, but spent time living in London as a manicurist until her unfortunate demise with a hot wax body machine. A space cadet, she offers zero answers as to why nothing works.
15. Sheriff Shulte – He’s a local law enforcement officer who has known Austin Girl and Grandpa Lucky for many years. He is a local Texas boy in his thirties with southern hospitality.
16. The Hovels – Terrorizing piranha-like creatures who smell and steal.
17. Sharkman – A know-it-all shark who is part man. He wears a bow tie and doesn’t respect Diablo.
18. Bullies in Honda – Jealous boys from Austin Girl’s rival high school, Saint X. They are bored preppies who pick on Austin Girl because it gives them pleasure.
19. THE OSA – Outer Space Authority (Introducing in Book 2)
20. Austin Girl’s Mom (Introducing in Book 2)
21. Bob (Introducing in Book 2)

*The Disco Cats are half female/half cats who had lived on Earth as humans, but now reside on Planet Disco. Confusing? Sure. Bad luck? Sure. This is a wacky story. So, pay attention.

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 Awesome Carrie! Here is an excerpt of The Adventures of Austin Girl And The Legend of Diablo.

The sound of a backfire rattled store windows on the downtown street as Lucky Stevens parked his piece of hippy junk on the East side of Lucky’s Antiques located at 13 Concho Avenue. He drove a flower power Volkswagen bus. The bus was one of those rare 23 windowed jobs with curtains—a residence on wheels.

Straightening his suspenders, he stepped out into the dusty landscape, newspaper in hand. He moseyed past a 1960 black Chevy Pie Wagon parked up ahead, admiring the car. The hot rod was decked out custom style with red and orange flames painted horizontally across the sides and hood. He tipped his beaver Stetson hat to the female driver and grinned handsomely. The pink-haired woman was preoccupied with talking to a Magic 8 Ball and didn’t notice the fifty-year-old cowboy.

Scratching his chin, he leisurely strolled up to a period oak and stained glass door. He reached in his Wrangler jeans front pocket and extracted a set of keys. He put the key in the lock and opened the door to a familiar sight. His antique store was housed in a red brick building in Checkered Past, Texas. He could sniff out valuable antiques just by employing his sixth sense.

Lucky adjusted his string tie that matched his belt that matched his ostrich quill boots. He was in love with ‘vintage everything’ including his clothes and gentleman accouterments. Ambling through the door, he removed his Panama Jack sunglasses. His gait was deliberate, like a sore racehorse. Bells jingled like rowels on a spur letting out the sounds of commerce. Lucky may have been a little deaf, but he wasn’t so deaf that he couldn’t hear money jingle in the pockets of those who entered into his world.

Lucky flipped on the lights and made a silly face at the store’s security camera. Lucky laid his morning Austin American-Statesman newspaper down on the cracked countertop beside the turn of the century cash register, and looked at the time on his 40 year-old Rolex he’d won in a bidding war at an estate sale of one of Lyndon Johnson’s cousins so many years ago. It was still early for shoppers, just a little half past seven a.m. on Friday. A set of white pine plank stairs off to the side began to creak. They led to the attic. Lucky housed antiques there that were part of his private collection, including one secret item in particular that oddly wasn't for sale.

He ditched his attention to the paper and walked over to the bottom of the stairs, looking up into the darkness. “Skinny, you up there?” Lucky hollered sharply. His young stock boy didn’t answer. Shrugging, he turned around to walk off. A thump on his noggin sent Lucky crashing to the hardwood floor. His Stetson flew off of his gray haired head and skidded across the floor like ice on marble. Staggering to his feet, he rubbed the back of his head. “What the—?”  

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Meet Carrie Crain!

Carrie Crain is an author of quirky comedies, adventurous romance and erotic horror including her Nov 2012 tween novel debut, THE ADVENTURES OF AUSTIN GIRL AND THE LEGEND OF DIABLO, and her 2013 erotic horror release, THE CONTRACT. Carrie received her bachelor of arts in Sociology from the University of Oklahoma and studied graduate-level screenwriting and creative writing in fiction at UCLA. When she is not writing, she is either painting, picking up dog poo, playing golf or writing lame jokes while drinking red wine.

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