Monday, December 24, 2012

The Next Big Thing

Thank you M.S. Spencer for inviting me to The Next Big Thing Blog Hop. She has given me a chance to talk and talk and talk about my current WIP (Work In Progress) by answering ten questions. So, here we go!

1) What is the working title of your current/next book? My current WIP is named Boneknapper.

2) Where did you get the idea for that book? A couple of years ago, I was rummaging through some stuff I'd boxed up and came across a couple of books on Voodoo. I purchased them six years ago while I was taking a Medical Anthropology course and had to write an essay on weird medical occurances. I put them up on my book shelf and thought someday I'll write a book involving a Voodoo curse. Then last year, while finishing edits on The Swan Cove Murders, I woke up one morning with the story idea in my head. Now, I don't know if I had dreampt about it or not, but the idea was real vivid...kind of like a movie reel. I scribbled a couple of notes and continued with The Swan Cove Murders. As soon as it was published, I came back to Boneknapper and began fleshing it out.

3) What's the genre of the book? It's a paranormal romantic suspense :)

4) If you could pick actors to play the lead characters in your story, who would you pick? This was easy (even though my doctor has blond hair, lol) Julian McMahon from Nip Tuck and Holly Marie Combs from Charmed. And wouldn't you know, I had no clue he had been on Charmed and these two were a 'couple' on there!

5) How would you describe your book in one sentence (10 words or less)? Okay I'm not good at this but here goes nothing: Once cursed, a doctor realizes what he's been missing-love.

6) How will your book be published, submitted through the traditional route to a traditional publisher or will you be handling it yourself through Indie publishing methods? Through the traditional route. However, I do have other projects I will be going Indie with.

7) How long did it take you to write the first draft of this book? Total time would be 2 1/2 months.

8) What other books within your genre are similar to yours? I went happy hunting, but didn't really find anything. The closest I found was a couple of romances with Urban Fantasy, one dealing with a treasure curse and another that involved witchcraft. But nothing on Voodoo.

9) Who or what inspired you to write this book? The two books on Voodoo I unburied from my closet.

10) What about your book will pique the reader's interest?  Voodoo curses, mystery, and of course the heroine is out to save the doctor's life. She's the protector instead of vice versa.


  1. Beautiful. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a New Year full of joy with your loved ones. Leovi.

  2. Donna! Welcome to the Next Big Thing Blog Hop and Merry Christmas! Boneknapper is a GREAT title--wow. It's funny, but my first novel was based on a very vivid dream I had. I remember staying in bed pretending to still be asleep so I could get to the happy ending! Meredith

  3. Your book sounds great!

    Happy New Year!