Saturday, April 2, 2011


I'm taking the A-Z blogging challenge! For the month of April, the challenge is to blog every day, not including Sundays, using the next letter in the alphabet. Since I just discovered the challenge this morning and am one day behind, I'm blogging A today and B tomorrow. If you'd like to join, click on the link over on the right hand side of my blog.

For today's blog, I've decided on adjectives. Those wonderful descriptive words! I'm by no means an expert on adjectives, but I'm sure you can agree that overusing adjectives in your writing will over saturate your book, quite possibly yanking your reader out of the H/h's story.

But, with some sprinkling here and there, your story comes to life in the reader's mind. Instead of a blurry outline, you form a clearer picture-whether it's 'seeing' the heroine for the first time or the H/h barely getting out of a near death situation.

I've posted below a paragraph from my WIP, Secrets of Jenkins Bridge, as an example. I'm sure you may have a better descriptive passage in your own. I would love to read your favorite sentence or paragraph, whether it's from your own writing or a great book you've read. So, feel free to post yours in the comments section!

The soft butterfly kisses to her cheek stirred Katherine. Part of her was still inside the heart gripping dream and yet, it seemed so real. The coolness of the sterile hospital room impeded her warm dream surroundings of sunshine. Aidan was smack dab in front of her planting tender pecks. He stepped back and turned away. Where was he going? She gripped his forearm, but he was slipping away.