Monday, April 11, 2011

I=Information Overload

When I'm researching for one of my books, naturally I go straight to the Internet. Why go anywhere else when it's all at your fingertips?

But, you can easily get swept into the sea of information overload. Unlike a library, anyone can put anything on the internet, which makes getting the correct information a trick in itself. Of course, I go straight to the trusted sources.

Here's my problem. I have a tendency to click on the next link, and then the next one and then, I'll read a line that has absolutely nothing to do with what I'm looking for and follow that link. Now, I'm off the beaten path. The next thing I know, it's been well over an hour. Wasted. I have to kick myself and get back on the path where I was to begin with.

The library seems the better choice for me. How about you?


  1. I to do the ADHD type of research. One thing is interesting and so is the next. Then you get all tangled up in something that you didn't even need.

  2. I hop onto the net just to check a few things and hours later I'm still there, surfing from one site to the other! I totally get what you're saying, yet the net is the best bet for research!

  3. It never fails, I end up on facebook.

  4. I love Google and Wikipedia. Love love LOVE! Although I do actually get sidetracked onto Facebook quite often, too...

  5. Oh, absolutely, the Internet is the hugest time-sink known to man. (or at least, to this woman!)

  6. Hey Donna ~~ at heart I'm an old-fashioned library gal but the Internet is the way to go and you have to move with the times .
    Enjoy the rest of the challenge !


  7. I have been guilty of this off and on for over 15 years as both a professional researcher and writer, so my advice is limited.

    Generally, though I do not have this problem when I know what I am writing about, only when I'm looking for a topic or working on something longterm with no tangible deadline.

    For sources, I create folders with links to what I use most and deadlines keep me focused. Some people set goals (deadlines) for the day... that may help.

  8. Great points! The folders are a great idea.