Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Weaknesses and Waterfalls

I'll start with the waterfalls as this one is quite simple. I love them ;) Here's a pic. I can just picture my house right here. Life would be tranquil!

On to weaknesses. Mine in particular when it comes to writing.
1) I'm a huge procrastinator. Some of the time, I'm just so tired from working all day, then coming home and making supper, cleaning, dealing with the motorcycle shop that all I want to do is crash! Other times, I find stupid reasons for putting it off. I'm getting better about it though.

2) When I'm in the beginning stages of sketching a story out, I forget to play the "What If" game and have severe tunnel vision. I forget this is fiction and some things don't have to be conformed to exact reality. Once the game begins, however, the tunnel vision is gone and my mind is wide open!

3) This is probably my absolute worse weakness. I over edit. Yup, I keep cutting and changing my mind until the essence of my story is transformed. Thankfully, I learned this lesson early- the first WIP-and I catch myself quick enough to not totally screw up my story!

Truth time! What are your weaknesses?


  1. I love waterfalls!

    Oh, weaknesses. I have so many. Too many -- and too depressing -- to list! :)

  2. We share the same weaknesses, I can definitely relate!

    Love the picture, just looking at a waterfall is relaxing. :)

  3. I expect too much of myself, which makes me strive for perfection in my writing. Natch, since perfection is unattainble, I edit, edit, edit, and edit some more.

  4. The cascading water and the sound is so beautiful. I love waterfalls!