Sunday, April 17, 2011


As in the 'First Kiss'. My very first kiss was in second grade out on the playground inside the tire dragon. Just a peck on my cheek, and then he ran off. I forget the boy's name. That's pretty bad, I know, but I think he moved away that following summer. My first memorable kiss was with my best friend's brother. The first true open mouth, sloppy, wonderful yet awkward kiss. I can say I'll never forget that one!

Of course, there are other memorable kisses, but it's that first one with the first love that really counts.

Who was your first kiss?


  1. It was back in the Stone Age. I was in 4th grade, and his name was Danny Wagner. How odd, that after all these years, I still remember his name. Lots of smooches in between, but the BEST kiss ever was with my husband before we got married. Standing in a long line waiting to go into a Halloween haunted house. It was magical.