Sunday, April 17, 2011


With Easter coming next weekend, I figured Jellybeans were in order.

My fave? Jelly Belly! With 50 official flavors, there's bound to be one that everyone will like. Licorice, Mango, A&W root beer, crushed pineapple,cotton candy, cinnamon, chocolate pudding, etc.

Then, of course, there's the Harry Potter jelly beans. Now for those who haven't tried these, truly you need to. No they aren't really yummy but it's pretty funny to watch your kids gross out on them. They have the normal such as chocolate, almond, cherry, banana, etc, but then they have the less flavorables such as spinach, sprouts, liver, sausage, tripe. And the really yucky ones: vomit, troll bogie, earwax, farm dirt, earthworm, and of course the dirty sock. You don't know what you're eating unless you have the guide on the bag or box.

What are you favorite flavors?


  1. Jelly Belly beans are the BEST. Especially love the coffee-flavored ones. Those Harry Potter ones sound hysterical. I'll have to see if I can find some for our grandkids.

  2. I know the Bi-lo grocery stores here in South Carolina sells them. Walmart might too. They are hilarious. I choked on a booger one.