Saturday, April 30, 2011


The writing zone of course! I generally have a hard time getting into the writing zone. It'll take me at least a good 10 minutes to truly fall into it. How do I make it happen? Either I'll doodle next to my notes as I read them over and over (it'll click) or I'll play the What If game with the next scene (even if I have the scene preplanned) or I'll just start typing crazy nonsense until that scene starts to take shape. In the event none of these work, I jump on my treadmill or do some cleaning and vaguely think about the upcoming scene. This usually works when all else fails.

Staying in the Zone comes easy for me once I'm there. I usually have to force myself to stop, otherwise I'd go all night!

What helps get you in 'The Zone"?

And a quick Congrats to all of us who participated in the A-Z Challenge! It was fun and glad to have met such awesome peeps!!!


  1. I can relate to the doodling, I do that as well and it seems to work! Great post for Z.

    Congratulations on finishing, yay! :)

  2. Thank you Julie! The doodling just makes something click!