Friday, April 8, 2011


The first word that crossed my mind was gorgeous. But, of course, that would have led to more eye candy. And that would have been the easy way out. Not to mention I already did it once with D.

So, the next one was ghosts. Not everyone believes there could be spiritual beings around us. I'm not here to convince anyone, just to simply share my experiences with you. There are quite a few, so I'll only mention a couple.

When I was a teenager, my best friend was spending the night along with my niece (she is two years younger than me-we just should have been sisters!) and her best friend. All of us in my bedroom with a Ouija board. Not too smart, but we were kids after all. Everything was going great until one of us (I don't remember who) asked a spirit a question that apparently pissed him off (I think the question was an attempt to prove we were being answered from the spirit and not one of us forcing the doohickey around the board). My bible which sat on my nightstand flew across the room, hitting the wall pretty darn hard and then my light in the bedroom went out. My door was closed, but you could see the hall light still on under the door. Only my room went out. To say the least, none of us slept in my room that night!

My brother passed away suddenly over six years ago. I went to CT. and brought back a pair of his black shoes he had given my mom the year before. We had a pit bull puppy and when I got back home, I unpacked the car. The entire time Benji was happily wagging his tail, running under my feet. The last thing I brought into the house were those shoes and I set them near the fireplace. As soon as they were set down, Benji went ballistic, barking, snarling, and growling-directly at the shoes. He'd run away and then come flying back to the shoes. This lasted for about ten minutes and he wasn't letting up. I had to put them away in the closet, and he sat in front of that door growling for another five minutes before I finally locked him out of my bedroom. I believe my brother's spirit was around.

Do you have any good stories to tell?


  1. I haven't had any ghost story experiences per se, but every so often my grandmother comes to me in a dream. I do know that as she passed on she dreamed of people who had gone on before her, so I'm fairly certain there's something out there.

  2. Thanks for visiting me; I did ghosts today, too! I am going to put mine on my blog tomorrow. It doesn't compare to yours, but it is odd. Yours is down right freaky, creepy! I have played with an OUIJA board and never had problems. I know a woman that mailed one to her brother. His kids wanted one, they couldn't find one. The mail man was really happy to get rid of it. He said, this pkg kept making noises in his vehicle and freaking him out.
    I do believe...

  3. Okay, your stories totally gave me the shivers! Eeeeee!

  4. Jeffrey-my daughter has dreams of her father since his passing last year. It's like he's trying to tell her something.

    Ella-Here in the south, they don't sell Ouija boards anywhere. That is freaky with the mail man.

    Talli-Thanks for the comment.

    Thank you all for visiting!!

  5. We had to have one of our cats put down last year, but her spirit is still hanging around. She especially likes to leave the cupboard door open where we used to keep the cat treats.

  6. That's cool, C.R. I've never had an animal spirit least I don't think I have. But, that's wild!

  7. When I was ten, I woke to see my grandmother sitting in the chair beside my bed, watching me. She'd died an hour earlier.

    My mother was a bit of a psychic and into all kinds of weird stuff, so after she died, I agreed to a friend's suggestion that she bring over her ouiji board. Thought it'd be "fun" to see if we could make contact with my mother. Dumb, dumb, dumb! When I asked if my mother was at peace, that thing FLEW over to the "no". The anger was palpable. Scared the bejeezus out of both of us, and I will NEVER touch another one of those things again!

  8. Susan-neither will I! If I woke to have someone sitting on my bed, that would freak me out!